DJ Maphorisa Says Event Organisers Should Appreciate Booking Fee

He says the R300K is actually a discount

By  | Nov 03, 2022, 06:46 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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Tweeps were shook when it was revealed that the Scorpion Kings actually charge R200 000 to R300 000 for bookings. This comes after Maphorisa ranted about event Organisers complaining about their requirements, saying they are actually getting a discount. 

DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small make the dynamic duo Scorpion Kings. They charge R200K for indoor events and R300K for outdoor events. In addition to that, they demand R28 000 for transportation and Visa costs are covered by the Organisers, a 5 star accommodation for both of them and 9 standard rooms, no interview, armed private security and extra appearances are charged separately.
DJ Maphorisa once took to Twitter to tell Organisers to not complain because these are actually discounted prices. 

"You club owners and promoters forget that we give you guys discounted fees come with that bullsh** we will cancel you trust me we can do our own shows. Complaining about tech riders lame, now that's greed."
The Scorpion Kings were once in trouble with Zimbabwean Organisers. They were reportedly going to get arrested for failing to attend a gig they had reportedly been paid for. The  High Court of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo issued a warrant for their arrest but their lawyers fought back. 

They were booked to perform at the Victoria Falls Carnival in Zambia back in April but they and Amapiano vocalist Sha Sha had apparently failed to pitch for the event. 

According to court papers shared on social media, they read:

"To the sheriff for Zimbabwe and all constables and other peace officers whom it may concern … whereas an order was made by the Honourable Mr Justice Dube-Banda ordering arrest of the first and second respondents and committing them in prison to confirm jurisdiction of the respondents”.
“Now therefore you are required and directed that you take Petrus Kabelo Motha and Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe of which they are found in Zimbabwe and deliver them to the keeper of the gaol at Bulawayo Prison, together with a copy of this writ, there to be safely kept until they are served with the summons against them issued by the High Court in Bulawayo …”
A source spoke to Newsday, and said there was no formal communication from the artist's part. 
“All three artists were fully paid their charges and contractually bound to perform at the carnival, but surprisingly they failed to turn up. There was no communication to the carnival organisers by the artists.”
 “It was a civil case not even a criminal matter. The sheriff has authority to arrest someone in terms of a writ of (execution) and then hand them over to correctional services. There are no criminal charges here,” said Zibusiso Ncube speaking to Sowetan Live. 

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