"To Do What Exactly? Tweeps React To Zodwa Wabantu's 35K Booking Fee

Zodwa charges an arm and a leg t entertain her fans

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As Summer approaches, reality TV star and exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu is making a huge and she is ready to accept even more bookings.

It's no secret that Zodwa has built her brand primarily through dancing pantless and she is coining it. The dancer has achieved what most can only dream of in their lifetime and her career is soaring.

Besides the cars she owns, Zodwa has various properties and they are in Durban, Nelspruit, and in Fourways.

Taking to her Instagram account, Zodwa posted a video showing her entertaining a packed house in her summer booking fee, which caused quite a stir online. Zodwa charges an arm and a leg for a single performance, but Twitter users are wondering why people book her.

""Summer Bookings R35 000 Open💪🏾 Zodwa Wabantu There’s no One like her,"she captioned the post.

Tweeps have reacted to this.

Zodwa recently accepted her ancestral calling. During an interview with Drum Online, she stated that she did not expect that she would have a calling.

“This is not something that I can say I knew about when I was a child,” she says. 

She revealed how she realized that she had a calling “I started having dreams in September last year and they just kept getting serious towards December, I knew they were not normal. I got dreams and get a message to visit home and get something from a tree. I dreamt of beads, something not everyone dreams of, even sangomas would do a lot for them to get a direct message like that. I then consulted with the sangoma that I often see for cleansings and consultations, and he put everything into perspective for me,” she said.

She said she was ready to embark on the journey.

“I am currently in the process of accepting my ancestors. But I was advised not to rush myself. My calling is not necessary to go somewhere and thwasa but I should wait, everything will be revealed to me at the right time. But I went to Phahla emamzini (Pray in water), and my ancestor is Inkosaza ya yamanzi (Princess of the water),” she said.

Some of Mzansi's celebrities aren't afraid to embrace their callings. Boity opened up to TshisaLIVE about her ancestral journey and why she hasn't been practicing.

“I am a sangoma but I haven't been physically practising, it's not a part of my journey as yet. How it works with ancestors is that they need you to sit down and start the work of consulting and that's the path that they put you on then it will come,” she said.

"At the moment everything has just been career-based and my career is growing so in tune and wholeheartedly with ubungoma,” she continued.

Boity went on to say that her mom is the one who is taking over the traditional healing. She takes consultations and this motivates her.

“My mom is actually the one now who has kind of taken over. She’s the one that consults, she gets clients and it’s wonderful to watch and see and it’s inspiring because at least I have someone to look to when my time comes,” she said.

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