Is DJ Maphorisa Lying?

That's definitely not 5 million views

By  | Nov 15, 2021, 01:50 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

Image of DJ Maphorisa
Dj Maphorisa, also known as Madumane, is celebrating his 34th birthday in style. He is enjoying the blessing of being able to turn a year older, and to be a successful musician too. 

It is no surprise that Madumane has a big career. He has hit songs with international acts like Major Lazer and Jidenna. Which is why it is particularly shocking that he would fake views on his song. 

On Instagram, the DJ shared a video from a fan that showed 5 Million views for his song with Kabza De Small and featuring Ami Faku, Abalele. The video suggested that the song had garnered 5m views on YouTube, and seemed to be a celebration of its hit success. 

Screenshot: Instagram

However, upon due diligence by ZAlebs, we found that the song does not, in fact, have that many views on the said platform. The song, which premiered on YouTube on the 17th of September has not even reached 1 million views, let alone five million. As of the writing of this article, Abalele has 403,489 views on DJ Maphorisa’s YouTube channel, and much less than that on all other channels that have posted it. 

Screenshot: YouTube

It is unclear whether this was a deliberate attempt by Madumane to lie to his fans. It is quite possible that he simply forgot to do his due diligence and just reshared the post out of excitement. If it was the latter, we understand the oversight on his part, but it really isn’t that hard to check. I mean, wouldn’t he know if the song was such a massive success overnight? Wouldn’t he at least be surprised at the sudden change when he knew the numbers were nowhere close to that?

Youtube embed

If it is the first option, though, then this is a scandalous moment for Phori. I mean, why would he need to fake views? It’s a song by Kabza De Small and him, both legends in the South African music industry. The song should be able to sell without needing such an embarrassing lie. To make matters worse, the views have been inflated by such a ridiculous margin that it’s not even believable as an oversight. Five million from less than 500,000? That’s more than 10 times the actual number. Come on, Phori! 
We hope that this was simply a misunderstanding on both the part of the DJ and the fan who shared the post. Apparently, the fan is also a brand influencer and a lifestyle blogger. It is also unclear where he got his information from, but if this is an attempt to shout out Phori on his birthday, we think he could have done it in a less embarrassing way. 

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