Emtee: Ambitiouz Is Stealing MY Credit!

Emtee is not done with his former employers!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Just over a month after Emtee slammed Ambitiouz for holding on to his awards, the rapper has addressed the situation once again - this time he's doing it in front of the whole country.

The rapper appeared on MTV's explosive new show, Behind The Label on Wednesday night and he brought all of the files, receipts and even more when he sat down to speak to the nation about his career. Emtee, who looks cleaner, more sober and generally healthier these days, spoke at great lengths about his experience in music - and of course the well-publicised fall out with his ex-record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

When it came time to address the elephant in the room, Emtee didn't spare any kind words for his former employers. Instead, he reiterated something he said a few weeks back: that he wants ALL of his awards.

He gave an example of the time he won his very first award at the SA Hip Hop Awards and he said, “I remember my first win was at the South African Hip Hop Awards. I was very happy and everyone was congratulating me while I had the award in my hand. The boss man then comes up behind and says, ‘Give me what’s mine’. When I checked, the award had my name on it.”

These revelations were not altogether surprising, but they did break a number of hearts on the timeline as fans empathised with Emtee and the other ex-Ambitiouz artists. A number of familiar faces including Priddy Ugly, Fifi Cooper and several other former artists also took their time to speak out.

Emtee closed the show off when he explained why he eventually decided to leave the stable after over three years of working together. He concluded:

“I reached the point where it couldn’t go on any further. I have two kids and I can’t allow people who don’t even know me to dictate my life. My kids are going to look at me one day and ask why I didn’t stand up for myself.”

Do you feel sympathy for Emtee regarding the situation he was forced into?

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