Emtee Dragged For Not Being Verified On Twitter

But he did buy verification for his record label.

By  | Mar 17, 2023, 02:06 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Emtee was part of the group of local ZAlebs which were verified on Twitter. However, Elon Musk has changed the format of the blue app much to the disgruntlement of our ZAlebs. This is as the new owner of the app has introduced some polarising changes.

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One in particular that has been contentious was the change in the conditions of verified accounts. This is as verified accounts on the platform are now required to pay either a monthly or annual fee to remain verified. Those who decide not to pay the fee of $200 annually will lose the infamous blue tick next to their name. 

Emtee dragged for not being verified on Twitter

One artist that has seemingly decided not to pay the annual fee to maintain being verified on Twitter is none other than Emtee. A fact which as it was seen on the app resulted in him being dragged by some of his followers by suggesting that he could not afford it. 

Emtee being Emtee, is known to not back down when attacked on social media. As such, he took to the comments section himself to attack trolls who were dragging for not being verified anymore. 
Ironically, while Emtee might not be interested in purchasing the verification for his own Twitter account, he did, however, purchase verification for his record label Emtee Records.
But it seems that some of his trolls did not know. However, there were those that did suggested that he ignores the trolls. Emtee seemed to get more vexed as he asserted that he is not afraid to confront those who attempt to troll him on the app. As such, one troll continued to poke at him as they accused him of being a woman abuser.
The accusation is in light of the recent drama relating to him and his wife and mother of his two children Nicole Kendall Chinsamy. The two recently had another public spat which spilled over to social media when Emtee attempted to live stream their disagreement. 

But that had a bigger negative impact on his image and career than it did for Nicole. As reported at the time: 

The situation has rather intensified between rapper Emtee and his wife and mother of his children, Nicole Chinsamy. Following a video of the couple in an exchange where Emtee was exposed for assaulting Chinsamy on Valentine's Day. Chinsamy has finally opened a case against Emtee.

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In a turn of events between rapper Emtee and his wife Nicole Chinsamy, more details have rather unfolded after their disturbing video made rounds on social media. The public has learned that Chinsamy has finally opened a case of assault after she was allegedly beaten by Emtee on Valentine's Day.

A very graphic image of Nicole Chimsamy with bruises all over her arms has alarmed scores of people, including a non-profit organization for women, Women For Change. The organization has taken to social media to share the developments and the case of assault against Emtee.

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