Emtee's Abuse Claims Against Wife Nicole Rehashed

This after wife reports GBV against him.

By  | Mar 03, 2023, 01:17 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Emtee has made headlines again, and again his name is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This is as his wife has accused him of physically abusing her. As reported at the time: 

It seems trouble is in paradise for Emtee and his fiance Nicole Kendall Chinsamy. In a twist of events, the rapper has been exposed of Gender-Based violence by Nicole, during a heated Instagram live session on Thursday evening.

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During the session, Emtee is seen having an argument with his pregnant wife Nicole, and his mother-in-law. The rapper asks his mother-in-law what she is doing at his house and she explains that she's there to protect her daughter from him.

Emtee and Nicole have two sons together- Avery (born 2015) and Logan (born 2018), but it seems things are no longer rosy in their relationship after social media accusations of assault resurfaced.

Nicole brought receipts contained in her cellphone showing scars she sustained from the alleged assault incident. She quickly managed to show them off, but Emtee did not let her proceed.

As expected, Nicole then got support from GBV activists and organisations. However, as support for Nicole, Emtee then questioned where this support was when he made his own abuse claims. 

Emteeโ€™s abuse claims against wife rehashed

Back in 2020, Emtee had taken to social media to claim that he was allegedly being physically abused by his wife and mother of his then two children.
At the time, his claims were largely ignored by the same activists and organisations that have now rallied behind Nicole and her claims. So much so that they have helped her open a criminal case of abuse against her husband. As such, the question has been asked where the support for Emtee and his claims was when he made his allegations. 

Given the history between Emtee and his wife, many social media users that have aimed to stay neutral believe that the coupleโ€™s relationship is a toxic one. Therefore, should Emtee be arrested and charged, then it is only fair that Nicole faces the same consequences for her own alleged abusive tendencies against her husband.
A look back at the claims made by Emtee at the time was reported as: 

Emtee went on a rant exposing Nicole's alleged abusive ways, revealing that she physically abused him and often left him bruised. Nicole, according to Emtee, would call on her family members claiming to have been abused by the father of her children, but it is the other way around.

He also revealed that he wanted to be single for some time but Nicole would not let him.

"I hate how you have to protect yourself even from those who claim to love you. Thereโ€™s always someone plotting on me. Tryna do me dirty no matter how much I stay out the way and keep to myself."

"Can I be single please. Iโ€™m a man of peace. Somebody please help! She has even called the police on me twice, but I was completely innocent. They even took my weed. She says I hit her but it is the other way around, and she cusses at me.

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