Enhle Mbali On Her Role As Grace In ‘Four Walls’

‘I took parts of myself’

By  | Nov 13, 2022, 02:15 PM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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Enhle Mbali has spoken out on her role on a film which highlights Gender Based Violence (GBV), saying it was not difficult stepping into the role. 
Enhle stars in a film Four Walls which will premiere at the North East Film (NEIFF) and the Buenos Aires International Web Series (BUEIFF) Festivals.
Speaking to IOL, Enhle spoke about how easy it was for her to step into this role. 
“Almost every single day a South African woman suffers some form of abuse. So this is me telling the stories of the women I've spoken to, through the Enhle Cares Foundation. I took from all of those women’s experiences and tried as best as I can to create a story that's truthful, a story that represents women who are going through the most concerning GBV,” she told the publication. 
“And all the other girls and women who were brutally murdered…I took all of those stories and encompassed them into one so that people can watch and be uncomfortable, but in the discomfort, understand the pain of someone who's experiencing any form of gender-based violence, whether it be financial, physical, emotional or mental. As an actress, sometimes my voice is muted by social media and other noises so this was my way of protesting in my art,” she added. 
Through her Enhle Cares Foundation, she seeks to help abused women so they could not run back to their abusers. “65% of abused women go back to their abuser due to lack of financial support or and independence. The abusers know this.
“We at @enhlecares_foundation_ are working towards bridging that gap, slowly but surely. Giving away bursaries for you to create a life for yourself. Tell us your story. Send it to us via @enhlecares_foundation_ DM’s. We will let you know once the selection process is completed. #Wearedelicateflowers. Upwards and onwards."
Enhle shared a post about Grace and said, "Allow me to introduce Grace Molotsi. According to her Grace is a woman at her wits end who has her house invaded by two thugs on the run from the cops after a cash in transit robbery gone wrong. The helpless woman is taken hostage by the thugs whilst they’re planning their next move. What the men don’t know is that Grace has a secret of her own. This is gonna need amazing#FOURWALLS #simplylive #simplywork #EmpressEnhle creating awareness on GBV and how far it can push those affected.
Enhle also claimed to have been abused by her ex husband Black Coffee. In an Instagram post, Enhle shared the many times Black Coffee allegedly abused her. 
"I am no longer fearful, and it is with this renewed sense of self that I wish to recount the numerous incidents on which he has beaten, berated, rendered me broken and unworthy," wrote the actress. "I have within the marriage...endured gaslighting, emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse and financial abuse at his behest. The extent of the turmoil I experienced in the marriage as a result of the abuse and the extra marital affairs were so severe that I was admitted into a facility and was treated for depression."
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