Enhle Mbali Puts A Troll In His Place

News of her and Huni still haunt her

By  | Mar 09, 2023, 09:44 AM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Drama

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Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa's past continues to haunt her. The actress has remained mum on the drama surrounding her private life, however, it still remains a hot topic. Weeks after her dirty laundry got aired on social media, Enhle is still catching smoke for it.

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An innocent and unrelated social media post saw her getting targeted by a troll. Enhle posted pictures of her out and about, posing next to a hot air balloon. A troll said she is probably with her alleged married boyfriend Justice Huni.

"Ey ngoba wena... busuhamba nale ndoda yabantu ke lapha." translated to, "You're going out with another woman's man."

Enhle clapped back and told the troll they need help, "shame nana, you feel better? Your pull her down syndrome won’t work on me, not because of any special, but because God!! so go live, your, miserable life, and try find him. Then there will be no need to make the next person feel inferior. You will be full from the Inside Out."

The troll did not stop there, he then responded to Enhle's clap back saying, "you're so quick ukufaka uNkulunkulu (to include God)... why ungacabanganga ngo nkulunkulu (are you not thinking about God) when you were fu*king someone else's husband... kahle mft if there's anyone pulling another woman down is you. You're still beautiful though."

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Enhle did however take legal action against  Valentino Bango after she leaked their conversation on the internet. Bango accuses Enhle of having an affair with her husband Justice Huni and for wanting to enter their marriage via polygamy.

Sunday World leaked court papers in which Enhle allegedly admits to being the woman in the said recording. In the papers, Enhle also allegedly revealed that not only her reputation took a knock, her career also suffered as a result of the drama. 

“The harassment is ongoing and has major implications with regard to my safety as well as my career being at a standstill due to my public standing. She calls consistently without reason, hurling insults and cursing at me. I would like for all this to be stopped," she allegedly said in the papers.

“The harassment has cost me contracts where I am an ambassador to major brands and corporations within the republic and abroad. As such, it is urgent to cease further damage to my reputation and brand.” 

The said audio is of her and Bango discussing the alleged affair, "Enhle just a quick one, so as far as I know I just want to hear from you, because I am hearing from him. You guys have decided to continue your relationship?"
"That is not what we spoke about. The last time we spoke was after we spoke and I was waiting for what you had said," responded Enhle. 
Valentino Bangothen said she doesn't want isthembu, "As I have said to him, I do not want isthembu. I am not going to change my mind. Mina what I am hearing from him is that niyaqhubeka regardless of what I want."
Enhle responds, "So him and I have business together, ventures that took place before we were anything. You were hurt when you spoke to me and I know that feeling. That's not the feeling I want on anyone to go through. Which is why I kept silent and I took it in and I took your pain in. And I completely understood where you were coming from. Something brings me back and I was like you know what, let's try. And from that trying I was telling him what I was doing, I had questions I was asking with regards to what it entails to be in isthembu, apart from watching couple of shows. I know people in South Africa, a couple of friends of friends that are in isthembu and I have done my homework and I understand that it needed to be received from home first."

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