Fezile Makhanya explains why he'd rather keep his relationship private

"...the only thing I want as mine...is the relationship that I have with my partner."

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fezile Makhanya  | Drama

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Fezile Makhanya

Fezile Makhanya has been everyone's MCE (Man Crush Everyday), especially after he began his fitness journey, but for him, there’s only one woman that he is crushing on, and that is his wife, but he insists on keeping her private.

The actor says that although he may attempt to find a balance in living as a public figure, keeping his relationship private is as close as he will ever get, speaking to Graeme Richards in a recent interview on SABC 3’s Expresso, Fezile expressed how grateful he was for not having a famous wife, and wanted to keep it that way.

“I don’t think you could ever find a balance...because I’m known publicly, the only thing I want as mine and mine alone, is the relationship that I have with my partner...and luckily for me, thank God, she’s not a public person, she’s a corporate, nine-to-five, and that's where she likes to stay…”

Fezile Makhanya

Fezile went on to add that it was hard for his wife to accept his fame when they first met, saying:

“On our first date, one of her first questions was like: ‘So listen, I googled you and you’re famous, what do you do?...I don’t think I can actually do this” and I’m like: “Please can we try this again, can we go on like a second date…” but I think it’s very important for us, public figures to value our privacy ,"

Fezile Makhanya

Though the actor and presenter might be keeping his relationship private, one thing that he shares without fail is his body transformation, which his wife gets to have all to herself.

“We getting older, and the guys are getting younger, and they looking better, I kinda think, there is a bit of pressure...not that we’re competing with anyone, but I think it’s just for health purposes as well...it was a personal thing to do the gym thing,”

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