Heavy K Says It's No Longer About The Talent

"I’ve made peace with it!"

By  | Jan 12, 2023, 09:58 PM  | Heavy K  | Drama

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We have seen a growing trend of talentless individuals making it big in the industry. One thing many have failed to understand. Pretty privilege is an actual thing but what does it mean when a person who does not fit the bar when it comes to pretty standards, makes it big? Heavy K has all the answers.

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Taking to Twitter, Heavy K expressed his disappointment in how the game is being played by talentless individuals.

“I’ve made peace with it! This game ain’t no longer about Talent , learn the game & play it better than everyone else,” he tweeted.

Heavy K prides himself of being a game changer in the industry. He took to social media to market himself as the best to still do it, “I was exactly who I think was! What y’all forgetting I came with my own unique sound! that nobody could master! Even today I’m still the only one who has the recipe! I influenced the entire game! I changed the direction of the game! & sold platinum's with CD’s,” K tweeted.

He ruffled feathers when he compared himself of Kabza De Small. “What they (are) doing to Kabza is the same-thing they did to me during my prime! I knew it would happen, being a hit maker & consistency irritates some of our people so much that they compare you to each & every artist that rises!”

“Prime doesn’t last forever , I’m just maintaining what I’ve achieved over the years & growing my brand globally…You are entitled to your opinions, no hard feelings.”

"I was carrying the entire industry at the age of 21 years old! Hence y’all feel like I’m too old lol nha fam I’m only 30 years old , turning 31 this year. If I was that obsessed to be on top & chasing trends, I could have had young boys by now working 24/7 in the studio, I just go in there & rename all those songs as Heavy-K! But I always chose the hard way, which is making my own music 100% or collaborating [sic] with the youngins [sic]."

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One person who is passionate about assisting people in the industry is Lady Du. She advised people on how they should navigate in the industry and actually make millions. 

"Register @SAMROMusic @OfficialSAMPRA this is no paid partnership I’m teaching you something y’all need to know. Then keep recording as many songs as you can, when one hits abd you build your brand keep recording!!! Reason for this is, I calculate my profit a month on the lowest selling song feature or not, I registered all the songs I’m on which go up to over a 100 songs," she tweeted.

"So if I calculate at my lowest selling song, let’s say that song makes 3000 a month x 100 = 300k a month y’all already know I have a lot of hit songs but I always calculate on the lowest one, This is called mass production like how a factory functions. Your catalog is forever," she advised. 

Lady Du said authenticity is best ns one should never strive to be like the next person but must be themselves always. 

"Never compare yourself to other people do you always, fake is hard when you let people into your space, but remember being yourself is cheaper, living like you’re broke even when you have money is better. No one will ever know whether you have money or you’re broke."

Lady Du continued by telling people to be mindful of overspending on things they cannot afford, "Lastly stop moving to places with high Levies for status, you can still have a luxury home and live peacefully in other areas with safe environments. Just do your research. When you start making a decent amount of money don’t buy expensive clothes and luxury cars knowing you as a brand need to pay them, so here’s what I did, I saved the whole of 2021, did not buy anything expensive bought 2 properties built apartments, they pay me a salary."

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