Heavy K Compares Himself To Kabza And Tweeps React

“What they’re doing to Kabza is the same-thing they did to me during my prime!”

By  | Jan 04, 2023, 11:06 AM  | Heavy K  | Drama

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Heavy-K is more popularly known as the DrumBoss following innovating the use of the drum as the bass of most of his hit singles. However, in 2022, Heavy K was not trending for his music anymore. But instead, he was trending for anything but his music.

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Whether it was his ex calling him out publicly for allegedly being controlling, responding to allegations that he was late, or his “beef” with MacG after the controversial podcaster called him out for being sensitive. Therefore, when Kabza de Small was trending due to the polarising matter of whether he was more impactful in Amapiano than the Major League DJz, Heavy K decided to include himself in the conversation
Heavy K compares himself to Kabza and tweeps react 
Taking to Twitter, Heavy K first started by tweeting that:: 
“What they (are) doing to Kabza is the same-thing they did to me during my prime! I knew it would happen, being a hit maker & consistency irritates some of our people so much that they compare you to each & every artist that rises!”
It seems that Heavy K acknowledging that he once was in his “prime” was the beginning of the contention as a tweep asked whether to accepts that his prime was over to which he responded by tweeting back:
“Prime doesn’t last forever , I’m just maintaining what I’ve achieved over the years & growing my brand globally…You are entitled to your opinions, no hard feelings.”
Or course, there were other tweeps that used this as an opportunity to suggest that he had fallen off. 
However, Heavy K used the fact that he was trending to prove that as much as he might not be as popular in mainstream media, that he still has an avid following and fan base. 
Moreover, he managed to throw some shade at producer-DJs like DJ Maphorisa and Shimza, who have been accused of using unknown producers for beats and taking the credit by tweeting
“If I was that obsessed to be on top & chasing trends, I could have had young boys by now working 24/7 in the studio, I just go in there & rename all those songs as Heavy-K! But I always chose the hard way, which is making my own music 100% or collaborating [sic] with the youngins [sic].
But it seems that Heavy K was either on a promotional trail or capitalised on his now viral tweets. This is as he followed up the defensive tweets about his prime and whether he is as much an legend as he thinks that he is by confirming that he has released new music. 
Specifically, a seven-track EP which is aptly titled The Underrated King. True to his own sentiments, the EP is a collaborative project between Heavy K and a number of young and upcoming talents. Including Sjava signed artist Yallunder, JNR SA, Ndoni, Kwaito legend Professor and Ghana’s very own Stonebwoy. 
The seven track EP is currently available to listen to via Apple Music, with the link shared below for you to decide whether or not you too believe what Heavy was tweeting. 

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