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J Molley is focused and locked in

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | J Molley  | Drama

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 Rapper, singer/songwriter and mental health advocate J Molley has released a brand new video for Lightning off his second EP Leader of the Wave. The EP follows the massive internet success of his debut Dreams Money Can Buy which was released in 2017.

Barely two years in the industry and J Molley is solidifying himself as the new generation of South African rappers that everyone should take note of.

ZAlebs recently caught up with the 20-year-old rapper to learn more more about his Lightening single and the creativity behind the song.

J Molley shared a few things about the concept of the song. When we first heard and watched the video for Lightening the first immediate thought was that the song was quite dark. The rapper explained that his song is in reference to a past relationship he was in and how love can be quite a painful thing to experience.

"It was produced by Ricco, who also produced MDMA & Your Mind off the tape. It just describes a relationship I was in at the time. Just talking about how painful love can be."

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Speaking of the video, J Molley informed us that he usually directs & edits his own videos but this time around he hired some extra help

"I usually direct and edit all my videos. This one was done all by Jasyn Howes and his team. Will definitely be working with him in the future again."

J Molley has also confirmed that his second single after Lightning will be focusing on love again and will feature some of SA's most favourite local artists.

I’m dropping a new single soon featuring Sho Madjozi & Ricco titled No Love."

If you're a true J Molley fan, you will know of his recent Lightening merchandise competition that he's been running on his Instagram account. J Molley has sighted interest in releasing more merchandise but he'll first see how his current merchandise is received before making a solid decision.

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"This is the first time we’re doing merch so I’m keen to see the response. That’ll pretty much indicate how I’ll be doing the merch in the future."

For future features J Molley also shared that he is interested in working with a lot of female artists this year as that's been one of his main focus.

J Molley is signed to Never Broke a company he co-owns and has lent his voice on other artists’ songs, the likes of Stogie T, Kwesta and DJ Speedsta.

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