Social media drags Jackie Phamotse

Phamotse faced the wrath of black Twitter after trying to engage in some malicious gossip

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Jackie Phamotse  | Drama

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Social media drags Jackie Phamotse

Author, Jackie Phamotse, faced the anger of many after she tried to engage in some malicious gossip about an unnamed celebrity couple, alleging that they have an open marriage.

Many were excited by the gossip while others felt she was being malicious and homophobic in an intent to draw attention to herself and her book by extension. 

Phamotse, who admitted to being a sugar baby in the past, has taken on what she refers to as a "new purpose" in which she seeks to "save" girls who find themselves in the position she was in. One of the way in which she is supposedly doing this is through her book, Bare. In the book, she uses fictional characters to re-tell the tales from her time as a sugar baby in an apparent attempt to "expose" that world. 

In various TV interviews, she has even spoken of what she calls a 'hockey club' which older, richer men belong to in an aim to gain access to and have transactional sex with younger and attractive men and women. 

There are no published stats that indicate how Phamotse's book is performing but the book has been getting mixed reviews, most of which are negative. 

She even got into it with problematic account, @NandiCakes, which masquerades as some kind of social crusader but only goes as far as making unfounded allegations about people and posts unverified information on the Twitter timeline. 

The user behind the account has always remained anonymous and has effected no social change whatsoever, nor have they assisted legal authorities in making any kind of headway on any case to date. Much like Phamotse...

@NandiCakes went on to allege that they had witnessed Phamotse engage in transactional sex with a controversial public figure, once again presenting no proof whatsoever, and the pair got into a Twitter spat before Phamotse blocked the anonymous account. 

Phamotse continues to trend, which was probably her intention, but many are losing focus of the real issue at hand.

We cannot continue to hide behind the saying "it's just social media" when most of you believed, without any evidence whatsoever, that there are women out there who lead a double life selling other women's bodies just because they care about how they look and choose to show their own bodies on THEIR OWN social media accounts. 

If anything, all this goes to show is that society's collective sexual self-righteousness is dangerous. It leads people to believe anything - it doesn't even have to be true.  

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