Jo Anne Reyneke Sets The Record Straight On How She Spends Her Money

The starlet is fed up!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Jo-Anne Reyneke  | Drama

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Being a tenant of the Mzansi's celebville can be daunting sometimes. With all the fame and fortune surrounding the world of the limelight, ordinary people can sometimes make high lifestyle expectations on celebrities. One person who has experienced that is TV actress Jo- Anne Reyneke. The actress recently opened up about how she has been slammed for supposedly not taking care of her family.

Jo-Anne was recently invited to an interview on Kaya Fm. The TV star sat down Dr. Sindi Van Zyl and spoke about how people have slammed her about her mother's house which was still not fenced.

Jo-Anne is currently starring on a BET comedy show called Black Tax, which tells the story of Thuli, a successful professional black woman and single mom who has to deal with black tax from her community and people who helped her to become the person she is.

The starlet said her mother rubbished suggestions that she is not taking care of them. She said when people asked her mother why there are no improvements in their lives, her mom said Jo-Anne was not tasked with the responsibility to take care of them. 

“My mom lost it, she was like listen here, my child was not born to take care of me, my child did not go to Joburg to take care of this family. We’ve never asked Jo-Anne for a cent, we’ll never ask her for a cent. She will give what she wants to give. I’m a mother, I’m a working woman. This is my house, this is my family " she said.
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Jo-Anne said she was proud of her mom's response because the people who were talking, their daughters are married to wealthy men who do everything for them and their families but the actress does it all by herself.

The topic of Black Tax has always divided many people because some do not believe in it and some believe that if your family took care of you by raising you, you must also support them. The term Black Tax refers to the extra money that black professionals are expected to give every month to support their less fortunate families.

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