Londie London Getting Her Flowers Following A Heated Episode

Tweeps cannot help but applaud the singer for being the girl she think she is

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Reality TV and musician Londie London is getting all her flowers following a heated episode of the Real Housewives of Durban. Her appearance on the show even though she is not a housewife anymore was a glorious moment but met with a tough Sanelisiwe Bhengu.

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Absolutely nothing could have prepared viewers the most dramatic latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban. Three days later, the show is still trending on Twitter following Londie London and Nesh Sanelisiwe Bhengu's smack down.

Although she has become a friend of the show but viewers were still jumping for joy for her appearance. However, even Londie London was never prepared for the wrath that is Sanelisiwe Bhengu. Outraged tweeps have extended their love and support to Londie London after being attacked during a trying time in her life.

"This is a Londie London Appreciation Post for knowing her worth,choosing herself and walking away if an relationship nomore brings happiness support and love She never got sacred of losing all and starting all over again because of stigma her pain is ours #RHODurban" wrote Joy Zelda
"@TheLondieLondon we love you mama whatever happened to your marriage can happen to anyone don't mind people aba bitter and they feel they can boost their esteem ngawe #RHODurban" wrote Snesh Nozie
Evidently, scores of tweeps felt Londie London was unnecessarily attacked. Working as a private chef, Nesh Sanelisiwe Bhengu was handed her head on a silver platter by outraged. tweeps are also convinced that Bhengu was looking for her moment to shine and found Londie London as an easy target to pick on.

"Chef or caterer, oksalayo u chop veggies & stand in front of a stove.Who said a caterer cant be a chef  & who said a chef cant be a caterer. Imagine eating food made by this ugly pig wrapped in a red curtain. I would choke before I even smell the food. SIES!" wrote Mzansi Girl
In the same token, clearly other tweeps feel as though Londie London got what she deserved. Tweeps were instantly reminded of how she treated Nonkayiso 'LaC' Conco and Nonku Williams as some point for not having husbands. Evidently, Londie London is far from being forgiven by other viewers.

"How is this the same girl you guys are having sympathy for ? Did you see how dirty she did LaConco Last season. Being a mean girl and looking down on others like Thobile for Isthembu and Nonku for not having a man. Please watch the reunion. She’s just as vile as Sane #RHODurban" wrote  Palesa
The Real Housewives of Durban continues to be hailed the hit franchise of all franchises.

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