Jub Jub speaks about his wife

We all long for a love like this

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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Jub Jub

It's rare to find someone who will stand by you through all the trials and tribulations. Add on the fact that it's hard to find someone to be with you in general and you have to appreciate people who're always there for each other. 

Like Jub Jub and his wife. Bet you didn't know he was married huh? Well, the 'Ndikhokhele' rapper took to Metro FM to share how his wife has held him down for the longest time.

Speaking on Metro FM's 'The Drive' he said: "She was there before, she stood out through my prison term, through the trials and tribulations, she never judged me, she never cursed me, she never looked at me in a different kind of way."

She sounds like quite the person. If we had a person like that, we'd want to show the whole world, so why hasn't he? To answer that he said: " She's not there for the fame, she's not there for the money she's not there for anything, that's why y'all haven't seen her."

After you've spoken so highly about her, you bet we'd love to see her. But it's always great to have someone who will always be by your side.

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