Judith Sephuma performs ritual for pensioner

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Judith Sephuma  | Drama

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South African jazz and Afro-pop singer Judith Sephuma has performed a ritual to appease the spirit of the pensioner who died after she hit her with her car last year.

Sephuma reportedly feels that this fatal accident is responsible for the run of bad luck that has followed her around since.

According to Sunday World, the family of Florence Nkosi - who died in hospital after Sephuma knocked her over in 2013 - gave the singer and her mother permission to perform a cleaning ritual in the place where the accident happened.

Florence's son, Stevenson Sithole, spoke to the publication about his relationship with Judith, who he says has been forgiven.

"We understand that an accident can happen to anyone. No driver gets into a car and tells themselves: 'Today I am going to kill a pedestrian'. An accident is an accident. We have forgiven her. We have also moved on with life," he said.

Sithole's conversation with the publication comes shortly after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) decided not to prosecute Sephuma for reckless and negligent driving. According to an NPA spokesperson, the matter has been referred for inquest.

Sithole also said that Sephuma and her family have been very supportive since his mother's death, so much so that they spent Christmas with them.

He also welcomed the cleansing ritual, which he said he too believes will make the "bad karma" caused by his mother's tragic death go away. Sephuma is, however, yet to deliver on a promise to erect a tombstone on Florence's grave, something he believes will allow his mother's spirit to rest in absolute peace.

Sithole is, however, sure that the singer will stick to her word. He said: "She promised to buy a tombstone for her. But I think she was delayed by the death of her child. She's true to her word because, even during the funeral, she contributed a lot and helped us hire an extra bus for the mourners."

The death of Sephuma's four-month old baby in March 2014 is among the ill fated incident she believes have been caused by Florence's death. Another is her near-death escape from a car accident in KwaZulu-Natal just once month prior.

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