K Naomi's Motherhood Struggle Breaks Hearts

The journey has been tough

By  | Jan 11, 2022, 09:58 AM  | K Naomi  | Drama

Image of K Naomi
K Naomi recently had a baby with the new husband and the love of her life. And while she shared a sweet message to her little princess, she recently opened up to share that the journey has been tough.

The media personality recently took to her Instagram stories to talk about her experience with motherhood. Speaking as a first time mother, she said that it has been one of the hardest journeys of her life. 
She further said that she had had multiple difficult days, some so rough that she cried both with her daughter and alone. She is of the opinion that mothers should be allowed to have at least one uplifting moment a week, because otherwise, they would quickly get overwhelmed. 

Even with the struggles and the rainy days, though, K Naomi still thinks that being a mother is the most beautiful journey she could have gone on. Her baby girl is her whole world, and she wouldn't have it any other way. 
She is also grateful for her support system, made up mostly of her family, and the help they have given her in her most difficult days. 

The TV presenter recently melted our hearts when she posted a beautiful message for her newborn baby. Taking to Instagram, she left heartfelt words that she probably wished her daughter could read, and we were all blessed to experience the moment. 

“Welcome to the world Princess! There’s so much you are going to experience; times of happiness and other times of sadness but all parts of growth. I pray that I’m there to hold your hand see you through all that life and the world has to offer but also help you build the confidence to want to figure some things out on your own.
I’m truly grateful to be your mother and blessed to have you as my baby girl!” 
The post was received with a lot of love from fans, followers, and other ZAlebs. They poured into her comments to congratulate her and express their love for the new mom. She is yet to reveal the new baby’s face, but she has shared the cutest photo of her foot and we are in love.

She is a gem who often shares nuggets of wisdom with her followers. She has recently taken to Twitter to advise fans on how to navigate their relationships. She believes people should allow others to live their lives without taking their decisions personally, and to allow themselves to live free of the weight of other people’s actions.
We hope the motherhood journey gets easier with time for her. We too know how tough it can be for a new mom, but luckily she has a great support system. It will get better, queen, we promise. 

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