K Naomi Is Grateful To Be Her

This appreciation letter will have you in your feels

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Media personality K Naomi is heavy with emotions as she penned a letter of appreciation to herself. The star who is about to walk down the aisle - if she hasn't already, is grateful to be herself , so she showered herself with words of gratitude.

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K Naomi is engaged and in a very happy place. She is proud of the woman she is and had to reassure herself that.

"My Fighter. I really love this woman. I’ve seen her fall and rise stronger, I’ve grown to love her imperfections and flaws and really just enjoy celebrating those unique traits of hers that make her HER. There’s a long list of things that I really love about you but my most favourite is your heart. So proud of you young lady!

"It’s really a pleasure being you. I’m excited for what’s still to come because you are blessed beyond words and I’m so grateful to be you!"

Her celebrity friends all assured her that she is on the right track, such as  Zoe Msutwana who wrote, "So proud of the woman you’re growing into my baby"

K Naomi documented her special day when she got asked by her bae Tshepo for her hand in marriage at the Quoin Rock Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, Cape Town.   

"I remember my fiancé saying this: “Someday when you want to, and you feel my vibe, I will show you how a queen is meant to be treated…” this was before we even started dating and I didn’t want to give him time of day. You’ve done exactly that from the day 1," she wrote.

The wine estate is a romantic venue which many socialites chose for their weddings and engagement ceremonies. Quin Rock has an elegant botanical garden with some breathtaking mountain views. K Naomi's bae made sure she had the time of her life as he had a band performing for them and the bride-to-be couldn't stop sobbing after the engagement.

"All I want to chase is beautiful dreams with you. A snippet of a beautiful moment. I’m so grateful and truly blessed to be loved and to be embarking on this journey with the coolest guy on earth, my bestie!"

But she recently had people thinking that she is already married when she referred to her bae as her husband. "I have so much to share but I can't snap in the car anymore. My husband hates it and it's not safe (not that anything has happened to me) Trying to be responsible...vibes never die, people do."

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