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Is Monique Muller shading ex Katlego Maboe?

By  | Aug 10, 2022, 10:19 AM  | Katlego Maboe  | Drama

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Monique Muller might have thrown shade at Katlego Maboe following his triumphant win and his reinstatement on the Expresso morning show

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Even though Monique did not directly mention Katlego Maboe or his return to the S3 morning show, she spoke about the Johnny Depp trial. She took aim at how the media portrayed Johnny Depp and made things work in his favour.

“It’s actually pathetic how facts don’t matter. The whole media thing is BS. I have a right to my opinion.”

In another post, she says, “I will not say ‘I told you so’. But I hope this opens up everyone’s eyes and minds to the fact that you do not know the full story. Just because you saw the manipulated version Johnny Depp’s team wanted you to see."

She then spoke about instead of giving off hate, the same energy can be used to fight Gender Based Violence in South Africa

“Instead of spreading hate, put all that energy into fighting GBV. Something that actually involves and affects all of us as South Africans”.

Concluding her post, Monique said the truth will prevail “That is the wonderful thing about time. The truth always prevails”.

Was this shading the whole Katlego Maboe situation?

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A few years back, Monique recorded Maboe confessing to cheating on her and she even alleged that he gave her an STI, which he denied. 

She later made accusations of abuse and her family even got involved, including Women For Change. 

But two years later, Katlego made his big return on Expresso after losing out on that gig as well as an Outsurance ad gig. 

In the show which aired on Monday August 8, he shared what he got up to for the past 2 years and how he has healed. 

“A lot has changed. I didn’t know what this would feel like, It felt good. It felt welcoming, like home. Just a home that you haven’t seen in a long time," he said fighting back his tears.

“No matter what has happened to me over the past couple of years, I never want to let go of this desire that I have, to be a force of positivity in people’s lives. There was a moment when I thought the darkest thoughts. I thought wouldn’t it be better if it was just done? Just quickly. Now. Done. My family wouldn’t have to worry about having to call me every day and deal with me.”

“There have been many touch-and-go moments where my self-identity was questioned, but I worked my way through it with support from friends and family and people who I met in person or on social media who have constantly told me to ‘Get up and start again’.”

“To every single person who has prayed for this moment and wielded it to come to fruition, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Here’s to many more feel-good moments.”

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