Mohale Motaung Continues To Take Jabs At Ex-Husband, Somizi Mhlongo

Now that Mhlongo has stopped trolling him, Mohale is making him taste his own medicine

By  | Feb 09, 2023, 12:59 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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Media personality Mohale Motaung is having the time of his life as he continues to take jabs at ex husband, Somizi Mhlongo. It appears now that Mhlongo trolling Motaung's days are over, the role are somehow reversed.

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Talk about making someone taste their own medicine as Mohale Motaung continues to poke the bear at ex husband Somizi Mhlongo. Shortly after their messy divorce that lead to public scrutiny and opened them up for judgment. Somizi Mhlongo has been the one constantly taking jabs at Motaung.

Evidently, Motaung is now returning the favor as he continues to subtly shade and take jabs at Mhlongo at every turn. Retweeting a video of a couple dressed in matching outfits, Motaung has sen an opportunist to be spicy to his followers by questioning them who the video remind them of.

"Me and who?" wrote Mohale Motaung
Tweeps could not help but to laugh with Mohale Motaung for making fun of his failed marriage and drama that unfolded soon after. Without a doubt both Mhlongo and Motaung were once the talk of the town. The couple used to dress in matching outfits, travel together and share cute pictures all over social media together.

However, when things went south, their drama lingered for quite some time and the couple made headlines almost everyday. One would argue that it is good for a change to see Motaung making light of what was once traumatic to him following the abuse claims he leveled against Mhlongo, and then their divorce.

"Konje wathi kuyothiwani ngaleyampahla? Iskhiye sisakhona?" wrote Sithabile Daka
"Anifuni usibona sithulile sheeem" wrote Zanesh Maraj
"OMohale abafuni ukusibona sithule" wrote Boyabenyathi
"Not Corinthians reloaded, sanaz?" wrote Wandi Ndimba
Just two weeks ago, Motaung took another jab at Mhlongo while giving an advice to another queer couple on Twitter. Instead of congratulating them, he offered them an advice to not beat up each other. This references his relationship to Mhlongo that was said to have been abusive, traumatic and toxic in the end.

In the end, people learned that Somizi Mhlongo as allegedly abusive towards his husband, Mohale Motaung. Allegedly, Motaung suffered all sorts of abuse including physical, emotional as well as financial. Motaung advise one of the couple not to be abusive to his partner.

"Ungamshayi." wrote Mohale Motaung
Instantly tweeps caught on that the subtle shade was directed towards Mohale Motaung's his ex-husband, Somizi Mhlongo. Hence, tweeps could not agree more with Mohale Motaung's advice to the young queer couple. Even the couple welcomed Motaung's advice with open hearts.

"Thank you my love" wrote Lindelani Okuhle
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