Kelly Hits Back At Those Kids Who Sung Vile Things About Her

The singer reacts to a video where children were cussing her out

By  | Aug 08, 2022, 12:41 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Kelly Khumalo clapped back at the video which showed a group of learners singing hateful slurs at her. The singer reacted and responded in a very cheeky way and said the futures of these children are getting destroyed.

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The video is of a group of young children singing some hateful, derogatory words about Kelly Khumalo. The children are in a classroom and are singing in unison about how much they hate the reality star and that she is a wh*re from Johannesburg.

It first starts off with a boy child reciting what seems to be a Zulu song with the others chiming in. After that, another girl child leads the rest into singing some hateful words about Kelly.

The words translate to, "I hate Kelly Khumalo, she is a wh*re from Johannesburg," and the rest is inaudible.
While others found amusement in this, many called the kids out and the teacher, assuming that she or he might be the one recording them. As well as the parents too.

Kelly Khumalo also clapped back at the children but she mostly took aim at their parents and the education system. She wrote, "Nithi niqeda Mina kanti niqeda Ikusasa lezingane zenu. Ezami izingane. Klibhi." This translates to, "Y'all think y'all are trying to finish me, but you are actually destroying the future of your children. Look at my kids," she wrote showing off her daughter Thingo who is reading a book.

Her video received much praise from her followers who also disagreed with the hateful video.

Kelly has always been vocal about how social media is not a nice place, "Aah Mfundisi this app was not built for such, there's lots of brokenness and bitterness, these streets are run by the enemy himself. The best way is to detach and vibrate higher," she said responding to a post.

Ntsiki also slammed the people who taught the kids that.

Reacting to the video, her manager Kelly’s manager Kgothatso Tsotetsi told Daily Sun that the issue here is with the department of education and has nothing to do with Kelly Khumalo. 

β€œThis is nothing to do with Kelly Khumalo, but an educational issue. It shows the level of maturity that teachers invent to these kids. I’m sure even their parents are not aware that these kids are uttering such words in class. The department is the problem here.”

The department also weighed in on the video and said they are disappointed and will look into it, β€œIt is indeed disappointing. The details are yet to be established and the matter is under investigation.”

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