Kelly Khumalo Delivers A Strong Message From God

"Everything ungodly will perish"

By  | Jul 12, 2022, 02:43 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Kelly Khumalo has delivered a strong message to people, warning them of a potential storm that's headed. She said this strong message which was given to her for two hours, left her unable to walk for some time.

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Taking to Instagram, Kelly issued this warning from a powerful force saying He is tired of watching His children suffer. Especially at the hands of greedy politicians, questionable justice systems, pharmaceutical companies, and many more.

Kelly who looks very worried cautioned people to take her message seriously and those who do not want to can ignore it. Basically, the onus is up to them, she did her job at relaying the message.

"I have a very important message that was given to me by this power. God is tired of false leaders, pharmaceutical companies that are making money out of making its children sick," she said.

She also said unfaithful husbands and wives as well as false witch doctors.

"It is time, this change is going to be drastic. If you don't pray, this change will affect you," she said.

"This was a lot of information for me," she sighs.

She then mentioned the many difficulties people are facing because of poverty including inflation in food and petrol. She also mentioned murderers especially those killing innocent people in the Ukraine war.

"So in closing, it is really up to you whether you listen to me or you don't but at least I passed on the message. We will sleep and things are good, but wake up tomorrow and things are upside down," she added.

Captioning her video Kelly said, "This is not just about South Africa but the whole world, false political leaders will go down, Pharmaceutical companies who are making money out of making Gods people sick will go down, the questionable justice system will go down, false Prophets, witch Doctors, and priests will go down, unfaithful Husbands and Wives will go down, unGodly parents and children will go down, the false monarchy will go down, anything and everything that is unGodly will perish. May our God cover us through this drastic change. Those who must step down must do it now before they are wiped out!" she warned.

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Her followers could attest to what she said as they too had a similar experience.

@fochis637 said, "I got the same message, not like yours but that we going to self implode if we don't stop." Kelly responded to the follower and said " I get you, mine was intense I couldn’t even walk"

@mondli.nxele said, "When we tell them they say we are stressed fam. A huge flame is coming and it is no small. Thank you so much for passing this message because indeed it is like that, people were warned."

@lindiwelembede: "I was also called crazy. I can’t judge Kelly because I also saw the floods before they actually happen. When I tell people they see me as a crazy person so I just opt to keep quiet."

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