K.O’s Subtle Clap Back At Ntukza

The ZAlebs thinks his former band mate is not worth another diss track.

By  | Feb 09, 2023, 08:05 AM  | Drama

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Ntukza is arguably the long-forgotten TearGas alumni who could not find some success following his departure from the legendary trio. Ironically, it is reported and alleged that the decision to go solo was his. This along with causing the tension that now exists between himself and his former bandmates, K.O and Ma-E. 
For years since their breakup, K.O and Ma-E have been diplomatic when addressing their rift. However, it was Ntukza who continually played the victim card in the situation. This was until K.O finally had it and decided to clap back at his former bandmate with the diss track Forecast 23. 

As reported at the time of the release of the single: 

[When] Ntukza started to bad mouth K.O and Ma-E in an effort to propel these solo ambitions. While K.O’s solo career would flourish, Ntukza’s career seemed to only decline. A fact which resulted in the animosity and shade by him towards his former bandmates.

While K.O initially kept it cute with PR answers in the ten years since their “break.” With Forecast 23, he made sure to drag Ntukza for filth. This is as he not only labelled Ntukza as petty over his comments about their split, but he also confirmed that there will never be a TearGas reunion.
As a result of the hype the diss track generated over a beef that does not involve Cassper and AKA, Ntukza decided to respond as reported at the time: 

Recently taking to YouTube, Ntukza shared his song titled Long Walk To Freedom. The track turned out to be his diss track response to K.O’s Forecast 23. The diss track was well… Underwhelming as the only “digs” that Ntukza could come up with was calling K.O a simp and alleging that he buys views.

A stance that is hard to believe considering that SETE was officially the most streamed song of 2022 and now holds the RadioMonitor record for the song to stay the longest at numbers. This is besides SETE being certified platinum.
Now K.O has subtly commented on the diss track released by his former friend and bandmate. 

K.O’s subtle clap back at Ntukza 

Despite hearing the clap back diss track by Ntukza, it seems that K.O was in the same opinion as most of those that have heard Ntukza’s Long Walk To Freedom. As such, it does seem that K.O is not rushing to a recording studio to pen a reply. 

Instead, he opted to use social media and subtle clap backs to make it clear that he does not rate his former bandmate when it comes to his financial status. This is as he seemed to poke fun at the fact that Ntukza might be “famous” but he does not have the money to back his fame up. 
Moreover, he reflected on his sentiments asserting that there will never be a TearGas reunion when he explained his stance. K.O seemed to stress that too much time and life has happened for there to ever be a time when he would feel comfortable reuniting with Ntukza to make the TearGas reunion possible. 
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