Kelly Khumalo Hits Back At Jub Jub With A Cryptic Instagram Story

"Never doubt yourself again when they act nice"

By  | Feb 12, 2022, 08:31 AM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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The drama between rapper and reality TV host Jub Jub and his baby mama Kelly Khumalo, is far from over.

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Jub Jub was recently ordered to apologize to Kelly for dragging her for filth and he heeded the call by releasing a statement apologizing to her. This comes after in 2021, Jub Jub made some damning allegations against Kelly in an interview with Mac G on his podcast and chill with MacG.

The host of Mzansi's much loved show Uyajola 9/9, accused Kelly of being a witch and using him to separate from his then girlfriend Amanda Du Pont. During the controversial interview Jub Jub also revealed that he used to "smash" Amanda.

In response to his utterances Amanda shared a heartbreaking video where she accused him of raping her for two years. Following the allegations of sexual abuse levelled against him, Moja Love decided to suspend Jub Jub and distanced themselves from the interview.

“Jub Jub conducted an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, which aired on Channel O yesterday, in his personal capacity. Moja Love was not part of the editorial of that interview and is not associated with the content thereof.

“As a channel we don't condone any gender-based violence in any way and under any circumstances. As Moja Love, we have decided to suspend Jub Jub," read the statement.

Now, a couple of days ago Jub Jub was given an ultimatum to issue an apology to Kelly or face the consequences of losing his job at the channel. It appears he wasn't ready to lose his bread hence he released a statement apologizing to Kelly for dragging her name and causing her distress.

"I would like to apologies for the distress, or hurt I may have caused her following not only the aftermath of my interview on podcast and chill with Mac G but also any other public opinion," he said.

Jub Jub says he hopes one day they will reach an amicable solution with Kelly and co-parent well. Moreover, he asked to be part of his son's life.

"You are the mother of my son, and I have a lot of respect for you. In me trying to set the record straight about me being an absent father to my son or me not caring or loving him, a lot of wrongs happened in a short space of time during that interview.
It seems as though Kelly has lowkey hit back at Jub Jub. In a cryptic Instagram story, she shared a screenshot of a tweet by Real Talk Kim where she had tweeted, " That TOXIC monster who you saw in the end is who they really are. Never doubt yourself again when they act nice. God allows them to show off to you so wouldn't waste your time and go back."
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Jub Jub's apology has received mixed reactions online. Social media users have questioned the sincerity of his apology, claiming that his apology was only meant to save his job.

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