Moja Love Gives Jub Jub An Ultimatum

He has to apologise to Kelly

By  | Feb 07, 2022, 08:18 AM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

Jub Jub
Everything went up in flames after Jub Jub’s controversial interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG. Now it looks like it will only get worse, as he has been given an ultimatum by his Uyajola 9/9 boss. 

The rapper and ex-convict has been a host on the reality TV show Uyajola 9/9 on Moja Love, where lovers who suspect that their partner might be cheating on them are helped to investigate, expose and confront their partners. 

Following the interview in which he talked a lot about his past experiences and divulged too much information, leading to a nationwide uproar, the presenter was suspended by Moja Love awaiting further investigations and decisions. 

Now his boss, Aubrey Tau, has ordered him to apologise to his ex and baby mama Kelly Khumalo, whom he called a “witch”, and alleged that she uses traditional medicine (‘muti’) or witchcraft. It is either that, or he could lose his job on the channel, as his statements could be considered defamatory. 
As Sunday World reports, the letter states that he needs to issue an apology to Kelly, as well as three different organisations. He has also been ordered to undergo sensitivity training if he is to keep his job.

Furthermore, his keeping his job is dependent on the assumption that his remarks did not result in any criminal proceedings opened against him. If any were, he once again risks losing his job, as Moja Love stands in solidarity with women, and Tau “does not like to work with people who are ill-disciplined.”

It wasn’t just Kelly Khumalo whom he potentially hurt with his statements on the interview. Asked about his past relationship with actress Amanda Du Pont, Jub Jub told MacG that he had “smashed” her multiple times. While the two went on to laugh about it, cards began to fall on the outside, as Amanda came out to say that he raped her all through their two-year relationship, and even tried to kill her once. 
The rapper has since apologised to Amanda for how he spoke about her on the podcast. In a statement he released on social media, he said, "I have taken some time to re-watch the interview and reflect on my words specifically my exchange with MacG regarding Ms Amanda Du Pont. It was inappropriate for me to discuss the intimate details of my relationship with Ms Du Pont in public. I deeply regret the incident.” 
With regards to the rape allegations made by Amanda and two other ladies, he said he was stepping aside to let the law take its course. There has been no further news on the progress of the investigations, and this is a developing story. 

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