Kelly Khumalo Shades her Ex-fiance

“Euuew… Respect me”

By  | Sep 19, 2022, 12:35 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Kelly Khumalo threw some major shade at her ex-fiance Chad Da Don when asked about him during an interview. She was a recent guest on Kaya 959's Breakfast Show with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka. 

Kelly did not appreciate being asked about Chad Da Don in her interview with the duo. While there, she spoke about the Senzo Meyiwa Murder trial, her career and life in general. 

Out of curiosity, Sole Phenduka asked Kelly about Chad Da Don, saying their romance ended abruptly. “What happened with Chad?” he asked. 

Kelly Khumalo was not impressed one bit with that question and so she quickly burst Sol's bubble and gave a cheeky response. 

“Euuew, Sol! This is my platform. Respect me and my effort for waking up at 6, Infact 4AM to be here,” Kelly responded. 

Sol respected Kelly's decision to not answer that question and said he loves her, “Ok let’s scrap that, you’re right. I love you so much”.

Kelly then added that she and the rapper were a “weird combination” and Dineo Ranaka agreed by saying she was in a weird space hence dated and even agreed to marry him. 

Kelly said she has regrets because of the decisions made during that space. 

“The things we do when we are in a weird space, yoh! When you are in a weird space, step back and don’t do anything. Because whatever decisions you make at that particular time, you are going to regret them. I was in that space of being left behind, trying to fill up a gap, not realising that that space is within myself,” she concluded. 

Kelly also spoke about the on going Senzo Meyiwa trial and how people have been very insensitive about the situation. 

"And also what I have learnt is that it is no longer a sensitive issue to people, it's entertainment and that's where the sad part is. It's no longer a sensitive issue, people have lost touch with the fact that families have suffered through this, individuals have suffered through this, children have suffered through this. They have taken this and made it an entertainment thing. Everyone comes with their own story, they built it up, they believe it and they run with it for like and for clout, " said Kelly Khumalo. 

On how she feels when Senzo's name gets mentioned, Kelly said she had moments when she wanted to cry but not anymore. 

"Not really! I have had those moments but not anymore. I mean you learn to live with these things and you have to accept them for who they are.

Kelly said she and Senzo speak from time to time. 

"Oh I do, I get visits most of the time, yes. I get chats all the time and for me it is very comforting. I worry when someone I adored or had as a very big part in my life passes on and never visits. Even with my grandmother, for years I didn't see her and I was like (hayibo, ugogo uphi?) and when she did visit me I was like 'okay, we're good now, " said Kelly Khumalo. 

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