Kudzai Heartbroken By 'The Wife' Sex Scene

Who wouldn't be?

By  | Mar 11, 2022, 07:36 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

Khanyi Mbau & Kudzai Mushonga
The recent episode of The Wife on Showmax featured the most explicit sex scene ever witnessed on Mzansi TV, and Kudzai Mushonga, Khanyi Mbau's boyfriend, is not completely okay with it. 
Khanyi has been a force to reckon with since she joined the cast of the show. She has quickly become a central part of the storyline, and the heart and dedication she brings to the role is one of the reasons viewers tune in week after week. 

But her latest sex scene caught everybody completely offguard. I mean, it wasn't the first one in the country, and not even on the show itself. Still, this time, they held nothing back, leaving viewers with their mouths wide open in shock and confusion. 

Well, it turns out her man, Kudzai, feels the same way too. He is certainly a supportive boyfriend, but how far does support go? 

A video went out of him yesterday showing that the scene completely finished him, shared by @zimcelebs on Instagram. 

"I don't wanna act strong because ummh… OH MY WORD!

We completely relate, Kudzai. 

But it seems the lovely couple had already spoken, at length, about the show and all the explicit scenes it contains. So inasmuch as he may have been shook to actually see the scene, we can imagine he already knew it was coming. 

Khanyi recently went on Instagram to gush over her supportive Zimbabwean businessman boyfriend. She talked about being grateful and very lucky to have a man who supports her as she follows her dreams. 
This speech was doubtlessly brought on by the recent scene and the massive reaction it got from fans. But we love that she, too, understood that it must have been rough to watch. I mean, can you imagine watching the love of your life on TV having relations with someone else, and worse yet, knowing the whole country is watching too? Whew! 

One fan even suggested that she had posted Kudzai out of guilt, but Khanyi doubled down on saying that some people just have supportive partners, and he is one of them. Clearly they understand and support each other, and we love to see it. 
The power couple recently celebrater their one year anniversary. And even though Khanyi has been back in SA for a few months now – for work – it looks like their relationship is as strong as ever. Their one year anniversary passed with the two of them apart, but Khanyi still had a party with balloons and the whole shebang. 
What a lovely couple!

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