L'vovo Denies Taking Bribes From Government

He used to be so vocal about social ills in SA

By  | Jun 11, 2021, 01:35 PM  | L'vovo Derrango  | Drama

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There was a time where L'vovo was crowned the most vocal celebrity of all in Mzansi, especially when it comes to social ills which plague our country. A few months ago, the Bayang'sukela hitmaker would log on to Twitter and vent, calling out the corrupt system. Now, he went completely silent, which made a certain Tweep very curious.

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Asked whether he accepted bribes from the government to stop talking about them, L'vovo denied that claim. "Lvovo is no longer talking about South African issues. Uzwe nge bribe?? (Did you get bribed?)"

He denied this claim but said he has grown tired of defending people who want to continuously get played by the system. He said he often gets called all sorts of names from people for merely stating the truth.

"I do I come here n read tweets. This thing is exhausting and many people think you are crazy or seeking attention if you show them the truth and how they are being played. Africans have a deep love for oppressors - I, alone, can't save them but my love for our people will never change," he said.

Tweeps came for him still though:

"Where was this energy when Guptas were running amok. Where was this energy during the 9 wasted years. Where was this energy when Guptas landed that plane at National Key Point...IF YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS."

Others encouraged him to continue because despite many people being unappreciative, he still has a voice.

"On some days that energy just wears off... The passion that our people have for their oppressors is shocking. Just look at what Cyril Ramaphosa is doing to black people, but the silence is deafening. Some even sing his praises!"

"They don't want someone to fight for them, they just want likes and someone to make look stupid. Darkies deserve all that they going through, and you right each man for himself and GOD for us all."

"Very draining,  a person would say... you lying than you ask why you saying I'm lying , hai no our black people are really exhausting."
L'vovo has always been vocal about issues such as human trafficking, xenophobia, and corruption.  "We love our neighbors. We are true Africans! But let's fix local issues first and eradicate unemployment then we can help our brothers! If you are in a boat with people who can't swim, u 1st save yourself & then go rescue others! This is pure logic! SA 1st that's where I stand!"

He lead the movement to put South Africa first and slammed government for not taking human trafficking seriously.

"Good morning South Africa. Time for action has arrived, tweets are great but we need to start acting. All our problems can be fixed if we just unite and tackle them together. We are all we got, not politicians will save u, no pastor or anyone besides US! WE WILL WIN!!!

"How do all these trafficked people leave the country? No passports or Visas. Do u realize that we are dealing with a much more organized syndicate than we thought?" he questioned.

Here are his other tweets:
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