Lady Zamar and Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa Blamed For Ruining "I Believe Her" Movement

Tweeps have since washed off their hands with the two

By  | Jan 11, 2023, 02:46 PM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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Singer and songwriter Lady Zamar has found herself catching smoke following Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa dragged into some people's marriage. Since then, Justice Huni the husband has issued a statement clearing Mlothswa's name from ever being involved in a romantic relationship with her other than work and friendship.

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Despite the statement seeking to salvage Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa's name, image and social standing. Tweeps have since pinned both Lady Zamar and Mlotshwa as the two people who have ruined it for everyone under the 'i believe her' movement.

This came after scores of people we rallying behind Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa initially when she accused of being involved with a married a man. Tweeps are also reminded that when Lady Zamar leveled the rape claims against Sjava, they were very quick to jump to her defense and believed her.

However, once there were no developments on the case, meanwhile there were also leaks of a conversation between Lady Zamar and Sjava. Scores of people quickly turned against Lady Zamar and blamed her for lying on Sjava.

"Enhle Mbali and Lady Zamar helped me see how toxic this β€œI believe her” culture is." wrote Commissar Shonny
At the same breath, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa have been called with all the names under the sun, despite the statement meant to clear her of any involvement with a married couple. Initially Valentine Bango called Mlotshwa a homewrecker and it appears most tweeps have since echoed the same name when Mlotshwa is concerned.

"You can't defend Enhle Mbali without being an idiot first, or a fellow home wrecker, or umthakathi." wrote Zulu Vegan
So enhle mbali goes on saying she was abused by black coffee emotionally because he cheated right But ugirl is busy sleeping with a married men kwanaye so what is she doing yena is she not abusing the wife emotionally?? Le kaka ye double standards towards men needs to stop" wrote Minnie Nkocie
Instead, tweeps have gone to level claims that one of Mlosthwa's son's looks exactly like Justice Huni, her alleged friend and business partner.

"This is the married man enhle Mbali is currently having an affair with that she was dating before black coffee how come he resembles her first born so much even the aura ...enhle is also abusing her child!" wrote Goddess Shabnam
"Black Coffee need to do DNA in all the kids he has with Enhle He might be single handedly buying electricity for strangers" wrote Chris Excel
From the statement released by Justice Huni, it is promised that more details are yet to follow in an attempt to clear Mlotshwa's name.

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