Lerato Kganyago Blames Musa Khawula For Her Miscarriage

The media personality is breathing fire

By  | Jul 06, 2022, 10:12 AM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Drama

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Media personality Lerato Kganyago's feud with controversial Twitter blogger Musa Khawula continues to escalate.

Lerato Kganyago broke down in an Instagram live last night, blaming Musa Khawula for her miscarriage.

The media personality claims a certain celebrity has been feeding Musa information about her to destroy her career, and she has had enough of being quiet. Lerato who has worked hard to build her successful brand as one of the country’s most sought after TV stars and businesswomen, has retaliated against Musa's continuous trolling.

The media personality has come out guns blazing to defend herself and says she is tired of being bigger and better, and hopes one day she will unpack what Musa did to her.

The blogger called Lerato “Bonang's lite” while he unpacked what unfolded at the prestigious Hollywoodbets Durban July this weekend. Lerato has been breathing fire ever since he came for her, and she wants Musa to be locked up. She went on to share documents of the shocking criminal charges Musa is facing. She says the people he is trying to please with his commentary won't save him.
Musa has alleged that Lerato Kganyago's "criminal boyfriend" has sent him death threats. "In the very same 2013 where I'm accused of drug dealing and human trafficking she had her brother threaten to harm me at my work. believe what you must but fuck bonang lite. As a matter of fact f*ck that talentless bitch as i said back in 2013, I didn't stutter," tweeted Musa Khawula.

Lerato hit back at his tweet and said Musa made her life a living hell in 2013, but today she will not be silenced by him. "So you sitting there really making all this up because you KNOW the heat from the police is on YOU? Pending cases got you worked up NOW! I’ve rattled you, and WONT STOP! You going to JAIL! You made my life HELL in 2013. You pushed a narrative about me many years ago! NOT TODAY," she tweeted.

Lerato says Musa targeted her because she was a new kid on the block killing it in the industry. "They couldn’t stomach any newbies in the industry. So they targeted every girl in the industry that did well. I was THEE MAIN one. His obsession with me has been revived. He has wings again, he can flap those wings IN JAIL," she rants.

A Twitter user said Lerato and her husband will be held responsible should anything happen to Musa, but Lerato went on to drop a bombshell that she allegedly lost her baby because of Musa Khawula. “You going to believe a druggie and a PIG like him? Tell him what he has done to me over the years. Bloody fool made me lose my child. I am NOT DONE,"

Taking to Twitter, Lerato Lerato threatened to expose the blogger and said he keeps receiving inside information about people from a certain journalist.

"Criticize but don’t disrespect me @MusaKhawula. Many years ago I let you  slide with your bullying and you KNOW who had sent you. You’ve got criminal charges from 2013, of Drug Trafficking, and robbery, you’ve BEEN convicted (Just to name a few) to deal with," she started out.

She even alleged that Musa has two ID's and hides in his grandmother's basement, "Your 2 ID Numbers won’t hide who you are! Tweeting VILE things about people from your grandmothers back room, KZN isn’t as big as you think. You and your celeb friend tried to make my life uncomfortable, and I told you I will get you! @MusaKhawula. IM NOT THE ONE!" exclaimed Lerato.

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