Thickleeyonce: "Please Don’t Do This"

She Doesn't Want Your Unsolicited Advice

By  | Jul 04, 2020, 05:37 PM  | Lesego "ThickLeeyonce" Legobane  | Drama

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Social media has open the door for anyone to say exactly what is on their mind to people and sometimes it's things that would not ordinarily say to their faces and Mzansi celebrities are tired of it.

Plus size influencer and photographer Thickleeyonce is known to post confidently on social media and usually doesn't care what critics say about her weight but it was deeply touched when she received unwanted DM's about her skin.

Thickleeyonce posted screenshots of DMs she received about skin, with the people offering to help her remove the marks. On Twitter, she asked why do people think this is okay?

Just a few weeks ago actress Zenande Mfenyana slammed a woman for sending her an unwanted DM about her pregnancy look and was slammed for her response to the woman. It seems now tweeps seem to understand why she responded "tsek" to he woman who reached out.

Thickleeyonce wasn't here for the " nsolicited advice" in her DMs and was left trigged because she didn't even think there was anything wrong with the video she had posted.

"I’m not sure why people think it’s okay to give their unsolicited advice on other people’s appearance? Please don’t do this," shared Thickleeyonce.

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Somethings should rather be left unsaid!

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