Lioness Excluded, Namibians Not Impressed

SA magazine writes an article, leaving Lioness out of it

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lioness  | Drama

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It seems like SA Hip Hop magazine may have ruffled a few feathers after Namibian Tweeps expressed their dismay at the exclusion of one of their own rappers - Lionness.

 The publication wrote an article on the Coke Studio song that features Lioness, Nazizi and Boity Thulo.  However, in the article, Lioness was completely left out as if she was never part of the song nor the video, mentioning only Boity and Nazizi.

The article headlined Boity Spits Raps Of Female Empowerment On ‘Switch It Up’ Single Ft. Nazizi was published yesterday on the website. The article further reads 'Boity teamed up with Kenyan veteran singer Nazizi to make a song intended to empower and inspire women titled Switch It Up. The two have already shot a music video for the song'.

Yikes, maybe this was an innocent editorial error and thus the publication meant no disrespect towards Lioness?

Sadly the damage had already been done and NamTwitter was all up in arms and took to the comments section questioning why their artist was left out:

Lioness also shared her thoughts and was quite surprised that she was left out.

Fellow Namibian artists such as the likes of King Tee Dee chimed in to support Lioness saying that she made the song a jam and that the media only focuses on the negative.

Hopefully, this was just a slight misunderstanding that will be rectified soon.

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