#NyanNyan: Is Luyanda Potwana an instigator?

Is Nyan'Nyan presenter Luyanda the biggest instigator of them all?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Luyanda Potwana  | Drama

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#NyanNyan: is Luyanda Potwana an instigator

Is Nyan'Nyan presenter Luyanda the biggest instigator of them all?

We know that the SABC receives a lot of flack for slacking on TV content, but you can’t deny that Nyan’Nyan has to be one of their gold mines.

Since the show began a few years ago people cannot seem to hold their mouths back at how entertaining, dramatic, and exciting the show can be.

The show has remained consistent in its agenda of helping confessors confess about their deepest, darkest secrets to their partners.

Although sometimes, if not all the time, the outcome may be nasty, but the agenda is to always reveal the truth, no matter how difficult it is.

Whilst watching Tuesday night’s show, one tweet from a viewer sparked a question that has also been on our minds for a while now.

Is Luyanda (the presenter of the show) the prime instigator of all the drama?

Most definitely, the questions Luyanda tends to ask the couples and how he strategically makes people say certain things is somewhat hilarious.

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Luyanda reminds us of that presenter from that American show Cheaters, Joey Greco.

Remember him?

#NyanNyan: Is Luyanda Potwana an instigator?

Luyanda even has his own instigator meme now.

In a previous Cheaters episode, many years back, we remember how Joey was attacked because of his instigator ways. We hope that won't be the case with Luyanda.
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