Rita Dee Hits Makhadzi With A Defamation Lawsuit

"I deleted the YouTube videos to cut ties with her" - Rita Dee

By  | Dec 03, 2020, 10:38 AM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

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The drama between Makhadzi and her former manager Rita Dee Nephawe continues and it looks like it will only get worse after this. Following her Twitter rant blasting Rita Dee over unpaid royalties from her debut album Matorokisi, Rita has decided to hit Makhadzi with a defamation of character lawsuit.

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Addressing all the damning claims made by Makhadzi, Rita spoke to City Press, saying she wants nothing to do with Makhadzi and her drama, using legal papers as her weapon.

She contacted her lawyers in order to sue Makhadzi for defaming her all over social media. She told the publication that the last time they conversed was in February this year, "Last time I spoke to her was in February. It was to my surprise when she posted threats on social media because of YouTube views. I then decided to delete the YouTube videos so that I can cut ties with her completely."

Rita claims that she, just like Makhadzi, has not received any money from her YouTube videos, claiming that she deleted the videos from the video sharing app YouTube which has amassed an impressive 20 million views.

"YouTube has not paid me a cent. I deleted the videos on Saturday morning after she sent threats on Facebook. If YouTube was giving me any money, I would not have deleted the videos. I would have made sure the videos garnered more views so that I could get more money. There was no money that is why I deleted them," Rita said to the publication.

The disgraced manager then slammed Makhadzi's claims of not being paid any money, by informing City Press that they paid the Matorokisi hit maker R430 000 in February, after they had a public fallout.

Speaking about the royalties form her album Matorokisi, Rita distanced herself from that saying Makhadzi should take it up with Open Mic Productions as the deal is between the two of them only.

The Kia Picanto that Makhadzi paid off still belongs to Rita, but she says it was her way of replacing the crashed Audi which belonged to her, claiming that Makhadzi has not fixed it.

Makhadzi is worried about her legacy saying that if she could perish right now, she would have nothing to her name, "I want my money, I paid my Picanto car she doesn’t want to change ownership names ..if I can die tomorrow everything will be under her name ...meaning I was born to be a slave I am tired."

Rita's lawyers are scared of their client's safety as Makhadzi's fans are threatening her life.

Makhadzi has also lawyered up and with the help from Tumi Sole, who has not yet divulged any information on the matter.

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