Mangaliso Ngema Gets The Spotlight Again

"Why is he not cancelled?" - Mzansi reacts

By  | Jun 04, 2021, 11:59 AM  | Mangaliso Ngema  | Drama

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Season 2 of SABC 1's Sunday night drama series, Family Secrets, begins on the 6th of June this week. Despite public outcry last year when it premiered, because of an accused sexual offender, his inclusion this year still leaves a very bitter taste in people's mouths.

Mangaliso Ngema was accused by a former colleague Lorraine Moropa of sexual harassment. he had since been released off his duties at SABC 2's Lithapo however SABC 1 hired him for the upcoming series.

Lorraine stated on social media that a senior co-star of hers, which she did not name at the time, had been harassing her and she was tired of staying quiet about it.

She said this senior actor, who is old enough to be her father undresses her with his eyes and allegedly fondled with her private parts. "This is a father, who also happens to speak highly of their daughter whom by the way, is practically my age and also in the industry. I wonder if he would appreciate his daughter coming home with half the stories I have to go home and tell my mother due to his actions," shared the actress.

The veteran actor did not deny committing the offense, instead he took full responsibility. “You asked for the other side of the story, here you go. I am not going to deny any allegations levelled against my name. I will take full responsibility for the sexual harassment case. I apologize to Miss Lorraine Moropa and others for the abuse I directed towards them.”

The sex scandal seemed to have died down a bit but when SABC released a press release about the upcoming season 2, people like Phil Mphela bashed the channel for giving Mangaliso the spotlight, once again. Others joined him by being outraged about this.

Phil argued that even though he was never arrested he did admit to crossing the line which should be enough to have him cancelled. He says them continuing with his storyline does seem a bit insensitive to Lorraine's family.

"@Official_SABC1 do you really think this sends a good message within our industry. After what happened with Mangaliso Ngema, should you really be sending out press releases giving him top billing in 2021? Yes, he was never convicted. But he admitted to crossing a line," Phil started off.

He then continued "You didn’t have to fire him if your policy is that there has to be a conviction by the court of law. Understandable. But promoting the show with his name is a tad insensitive to his victim and the cause to curb sexual harassment in the industry. What’s next? Him on billboard?"

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