Maps' A Victim Of Theft

He is the latest celeb victim of this crime

By  | Dec 17, 2021, 02:17 PM  | Maps Maponyane  | Drama

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Maps Maponyane is the latest victim of luggage theft and the thieves stole some pretty weird items, including his toothbrush.

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Taking to social media, Maps let his followers know that he was boarding a plane at OR Tambo. Then the people broke into his suitcase and stole a pair of shoes, t-shirt, bucket hat and get this, a toothbrush.

“My luggage bag got broken into at OR Tambo. What they stole: A pair of shoes, a t-shirt, a bucket hat and a toothbrush – yes, a toothbrush,”  said Maps.

“My theory is that mans had a date or something and needed all these things to complete his fit and be fresh for it.”

But what made him more angry is the state in which the person left his luggage in. He is a very neat person who takes special care for presentation, so he got very mad when they left his luggage in that condition.

"I'm probably the most pedantic person I know, and for some reason opening my bag to this mess pissed me off more than what had been stolen."
The airline apologised and said they have launched an investigation into the matter.

Maps opened the floor for his followers to tell their stories of how their stuff also got stolen at airports.

"Lost my Nike Air Max 97 that I only had for less than a week and my iPhone Charger. I reported and they told me they can only give me R30 as they pay per weight not the worth of the items. I kneeled down, today they are all not eating keh. Mango is gone. I hate thieves!"

"They did that to me at King Shaka 2020 January after enjoying your burger and I was so happy that you serve me then booommmm!! Brand new Huawei watch, takkies, and jeans gone. When I reported to Mango, they told me that my luggage was not insured and they won't assist me."

"They once opened my bag & stole my half used cologne and a Nokia phone (imagine stealing a R200 phone) mxm."

"It's not new, there has been  a lot of theft in that airport. Nam some years ago, they opened my luggage and stole my phone, luckily it was going for repairs, but I loved my  Nokia N90, lol. Ngamasela la crew yaphaya. Sorry my brother."

Mihlali Ndamase also suffered the same fate when British Airways workers broke into her bag and stole a few items. "I’m so f****ng annoyed someone at the airport broke the cable off my bag and stole my wig,...All I know is I want my 7K or they must contact Fablocks and order me a new unit."

"If I don’t get my refund and wig money I’m bringing it back to the TL, these companies love talking privately after doing kak."

"First this airline owes me money from December from an error someone made internally while doing my booking telephonically NOW someone broke my cable and stole my wig. Lady at baggage inquiries is telling me they aren’t held liable coz it’s a wig? Balance me please." tweeted Mihlali.

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