Mihlali Ndamase: Content Is Gonna Kill Us

The influencer almost fell

By  | Jan 28, 2021, 07:30 AM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Mihlali Ndamase never fails to get the masses talking and this time is no difference. As the good sis was trying to create content for her fans she almost broke her ankle. In a video she shared on social media, she can be seen walking out of a building with her usual swag only to be brought down to earth fast after her heel caught on a small set of rails.

She laughed off and continued with her day but the fans eat it up all day.

Just last month, she tweeted a controvesial opinion and had tweeps up in arms.
Mihlali, Twitter.com

This is not the first time Mihlali's personal life has been splashed out on social media. Recently she had to dismiss claims that she has dated disgraced high-profile politician and businessman Edwin Sodi, who happens to be luxury brand influencer Kefilwe Mabote's lover.

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This follows yesterday's drama which saw Kefilwe Mabote dragged and ridiculed after her bae Edwin Sodi's assets were seized. The businessman has reportedly been linked to tainted multimillion Rand asbestos audit contract, advanced by the Free State’s Department of Human Settlements in 2014, which projected an audit of 36000 low cost homes within the province.

An article which went viral all over social media alleged that Mihlali dated the wealthy businessman, allegations which she quickly refuted. Rapper Boity Thulo as well as Thuli Phongolo were also said to have dated the businessman however they shunned those reports.

An unimpressed Mihlali slammed these reports and she claims to have never even met Edwin. She then slammed fake reports by advising papers to do their research and not resort to clickbait tendencies.

"He’s been with WHO?! Lol, ok chile. A man I’ve never even met bawo," she said. "Ngaske nithi fact check before releasing these lame articles, it’s kinda annoying."

Mihlali has had her reputation tainted before after a fiery open letter that was written by a 'disappointed' follower went viral. The social media user alleged that Mihlali's luxurious lifestyle was paid for by a wealthy and older man who is Duduzile's ex-husband. The fan claims that Mihlali was sleeping with Duduzile's ex who also who sponsors her lavish lifestyle and butt augmentation.

Not responding directly to these accusations, Mihlali commented with laughing emojis but later deleted the tweet. 

The beauty influencer has been very secretive when it comes to her love life. Mihlali has made it very clear that her family and love life is off limits, leaving fans wondering who she is dating and what he looks like. 

She has admitted on social media that she has dated older men and made it seem as though that is her preference. She was slammed by tweeps who reckon that she is not influential especially to younger girls. 

The influencer weighed in on a conversation where people asked if there is anything wrong with teenage girls dating men in their 20s or 30s. In a screenshot of a tweet that circulated, the YouTuber responded by saying she saw nothing wrong with it and had "zero regrets".

"Didn't see anything wrong with it then and I still don't. Zero regrets," she said, suggesting that she has dated and older guy when she was a teenager.

"Please don’t lie about me, I never said I dated a 30 year old. I said I did not regret dating someone older than me in high school at the time & I don’t now, the person was asking for your opinion based on personal experience. Doesn’t make it okay though," she responded.

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