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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Mika Stefano  | Drama

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We Caught up with GP's Gossip Gangsta, Mike Stefano, this week for an exclusive detailed interview. He shared details about his collaboration with Wakaberry, what he's planning to do at the Vodacom Durban July and also got the low down on his role with Sweat 1000! 
How did your collaboration with Wakaberry come about, is it safe to say that GP’s Gossip Gangster has landed an endorsement deal with Wakaberry?
Well, I am a real fan of Wakaberry. Not a week goes by without having a bowl of Wakaberry. I thought it was a great synergy between Wakaberry and Mika Stefano and so did Wakaberry, I mean we both serve tasty scoops and we both having people coming back for more.
What’s your favourite Wakaberry flavour, and if you were to be in a Wakaberry bathtub with any local celebrity who would it be and why?
Hahahaha... Any celebrity.... Hmmm.... I would love to force feed Shashi Naidoo some Wakaberry. That girl is missing out, while she is on her low carb diet. As for the bath tub, I would have Janez, Kabelo, Sizwe Dlhomo and Lunga Shabalala in the bath tub, while I eat all the Wakaberry. [Laughs] My favourite flavour is litchi I love mixing it with the chocolate peanut sweets, the coolest thing about Wakaberry is all the sweeties. Also, the MilkyBar sauce... You HAVE to try it next time you at a Wakaberry store.
Will you be attending Durban July this year and do you already have an outfit?
Yes I will be... Oh gosh the theme is OhSoPosh... Zalebs knows I don't do posh... OhSoWaka yes, but Posh... No... It will be my first time doing posh, wish me good luck. I will also be doing something exciting on the day with two of South Africa's sexiest most influential ladies but my lips are sealed for now... (Press Release will go out shortly) but all I can say is I am terribly excited.
2Chainz will also be attending Durban July what’s your take on the tickets costing R2500 for VVIP and R1600 for VIP, do you think it’s a bit of a stretch, it’s not like he’s a Grammy award winner?
Well, I doubt the price is just for him alone. I assume its a whole package. You will be looked after in the marquee and see a selection of artists including 2chainz... But to be honest, I would rather have MiCasa, Zonke, Lira, Khuli Chana, AKA and Goldfish... I mean, who is 2chainz? Maybe I am getting old? All I know is that a the Durban July, I will be wearing 3chainz... #Boom!   
We see that you’ve been trying you’re outmost best to keep fit in the gym, are you enjoying your gym sessions? We know how much labour gym can be. (And what were you doing having a Crunchie that other night before bed? *Naughty naughty*) 
Hahaha... Well, I am going in for an operation on the 18th July. Having a kidney stone removal. Once that is out of the way, I start a huge body make over. From August, I will join the SWEAT 1000 team as one of their new ambassadors. I can't wait to start sweating and getting into shape. The coolest thing is they have just opened a SWEAT 1000 across the road from my house at the Norwood Mall. So when I am feeling lazy, I can just cross the road. I haven't thought of how I will get home after the intense hour class. I know I will be kaput! I will also start gyming with celeb trainer, Caz Abrahams. He trains everyone from Pabi Moloi, RJ Benjemin and ProVerb. So from August, I begin my body make over journey, but until then, I pig out. Funny, I bumped into Lorna and she said the more I eat now, the harder it will be to get it off in August I guess she is right but what she doesn't know is that Wakaberry is 98% Fat Free, so, even when I start Sweat 1000 I can still have the odd Wakaberry [Laughs]
Plans for up coming weekends, do you ever rest on weekends even?
This weekend... Well as you know you can catch me on Metro FM with Carol Ralefeta on Saturday at 14:30 talking local gossip. On Friday I am celebrating my friends birthday at Beefcakes in Johannesburg, looking forward to having a big beefy burger, before SWEAT 1000... (Happy Birthday Dale). On Saturday I have a few events. I will be attending HashTag, a new hip hop party out at Cacoon in Sandton. This promises to be a really cool event, with some great hip hop DJ's on the decks... I will also be attending the launch of a new gay pop up party at Eden in Rivonia. I will also be watching the final performance of the award winning theatre production, SOLOMON & MARION with Dame Janet Suzman (yes, she was knighted by the Queen and is related to the amazing Helen Suzman) at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square. Other exciting news; I will be hosting V-Entertainment on the 3rd July. For the month of July, every Wednesday, V-Entertainment have various celebrities hosting V-Entertainment. I am the first of five celebs to host V-Entertainment for birthday month, so make sure you tune in on Wednesday .
To stand a chance to win a yearly supply of Wakaberry make sure you send the Waka-iest picture of yourself on twitter to @MikaStefano or @Wakaberry_1 with the hashtag #OhSoWaka

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