Death Threats Did Not Deter Lalela Mswane

"I decided to choose faith over fear"

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Despite the numerous alleged death threats Lalela Mswane received, she soldiered on and flew to Israel to participate at the Miss Universe, where she won third place.

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Lalela Mswane
was probably the most hated Miss SA in the country, had she not won third place, the hate would have been unbearable.

At some point it did get to her but she had decided to choose faith over fear, and the rest became history.

Overpowered by emotions, Lalela's press conference saw her revealing how she felt when the country turned it's back on her. "Being third is the biggest win for me and I am extremely proud of myself."

Lalela pondered over the idea of backing out from the pageant, as she thought about the safety of her family. She would have sleepless nights thinking about her family which then resulted in her being under prepared for this event.

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Lalela took to Instagram to thank each and every one of her supporters. She started off with a powerful quote which read; β€œThe most beautiful turn of events is when the obstacles that were meant to tear you down, end up strengthening you in ways you never could've imagined”

"I decided to choose faith over fear and follow what felt right and good to my soul and I am filled with so much appreciation and gratitude for all the love and comfort I received in support of my pursuing something extremely important to me. Ngiyabonga South Africa," she said.

She then thanked her design squad, @ezracouture I couldn’t have asked for a better design team. Thank you so much for extending so much kindness throughout this journey and for making me look and feel like the most beautiful warrior. To my beloved family and friends, thank you for being unwavering in your love and support of me, my heart appreciates all of you."

Lalela reckoned that she probably would have regretted it for the rest of her life had she backed down from the pageant. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post she said her β€œsoul would not have been at peace.”

β€œCertain people have put me through hell and back. It has not been the easiest thing to deal with. But I choose to be optimistic. The way everything unfolded reminded me of His greatness and why I’m here.”
After coming in at third place, some people urged those who cancelled Lalela to apologise to her, and that included Nathi Mthethwa.

TimesLive approached the ministry for a comment on this and the spokesperson, Masechaba Khumalo informed them that their stance had not changed and never will as per the statement they released last month, adding that β€œ...we stand by that position”.

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