Moshe Ndiki A Victim Of Witchcraft

He opens up about his experience

By  | Dec 06, 2021, 04:56 PM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Drama

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Witchcraft is a fairly sensitive issue to discuss but comedian Moshe Ndiki has used his experience to poke fun of this devastating phenomenon. The TV host and entrepreneur revealed that he was a victim of witchcraft but kind of enjoyed the experience.

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Moshe Ndiki has revealed how he dealt with a witch who made him eat some delicacies including his favourite meats, in his dream.

"Yho the witch that is bewitching me spoilt me so much last night. In my dream I had all my favorite meats and I ate all of them. She cooked them just the way I like them. Enkosi cc undithakathe kamandi (thanks sis, you bewitched me nicely.)"

In the African society it is believed by many that when you eat in your dreams, an enemy is working on you by sending some dark spirits. Most people often speak about how they are always advised by people, especially the elders, not to eat in their dreams, but Moshe divulged on the food he was given.

How to make sure that the space you enter is pure, is to probably follow Ayanda Thabethe's advice on praying before your enter certain spaces, especially hotels or public spaces.

"I do this thing where I pray over every hotel room I sleep in. I just feel like so many spirits pass through doing different things in hotel rooms and I always want to wash the room with the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus…I can be weird like that but it’s so comforting," said Ayanda

Speaking openly about this topic of witchcraft is Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi who went back to the days when she was growing up in Limpopo and said Master KG can attest to this.

“When I was growing up I remember, my late uncle n my village – there was that vigilantism thing where we are going after witches. I remember, my uncle picked me and put me on his shoulders at night. Nine O’clock we are leaving our houses. I’m sure Master KG would attest to this if he was here.

“The house that we went to was literally on a mountain. So you walk up a mountain a bit. That lady had the main house and she had these rondavels. They were about three or four and when she saw the youth coming she just disappeared into the mountain. They found she had turtles. She had cats but obviously, the cat ran with her. But we never discovered where she disappeared into,” she explained.

She had other traditional healers join her IG live and they spoke about this in detail.

Makgofe was so interested in this topic that she went on another IG Live, “I remember in my case, there was this particular house in Phalaborwa that we moved into. That house had crazy activities. Come nighttime, we knew gore you can’t use the kitchen door to go to the patio. We couldn’t. There was just this funny energy, we couldn’t grow anything in the garden. And it was in the bedroom that we would hear most of the cat, baby cries. It would be coming from under the window and you just knew that it would be a long night when that thing starts crying.” Shared the actress.

"I remember, I had this female friend. And I had this particular skirt. That every time I wear it she’d be like yoh you love this skirt neh? And I be like yah. And that skirt guys, bona, whenever I wear it I’d gained a little bit of weight. Years ago, I loved the way it hugged my curves. And eventually, she decided that she was going to visit me.” Said Makgofe.

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