JazziQ Lawyers Up Against Rea And Crew

The ESAM crew do not know what hit them

By  | Oct 28, 2021, 03:23 PM  | Mr. JazziQ  | Drama

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Mr. JazziQ has lawyered up against the Everything SA Music crew, more especially Rea Gopane and his co-host the Blvck Steph, and asked them to remove the whole episode from their social media accounts. Episode 28 was published 3 days ago and it caused a lot of damage to Mr. JazziQ who according to the press release, is still mourning the loss of his two close friends.

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On the Podcast, Rea Gopane was actually the one who made the defamatory statements about Mr. JazziQ, accusing him of sacrificing his close friends for the betterment of his career.

He claimed that JazziQ was not a big star before the death of Mpura and Killer Kau, but after their passing, he became a superstar. 

"The entire entertainment industry looked passed the fact that JazziQ sacrificed Killer Kau and Mpura...for the betterment of his career," alleged Rea, who by the way forgot to use the word whilst making his wild accusations. 

He then speculated his whereabout and said he left as soon as the accident happened, "The day after they died, he went to Ghana..." said Rea then his co-host Blvck Steph, asked him "so you think the ritual was done there."

Rea then continued and said, "I'm just saying, we are not reading between the lines...the sacrifice is right there and everybody missed it."

If you follow JazziQ, you would remember his tweets which said he was not in the country when all of this happened. And that pained him the most, especially because he could not attend the funeral. 

Another thing his followers pointed out when people attacked him for not attending Mpura and Killer Kau's funerals was that should he come back, he would still need to quarantine for at least 14 days. Either way, he would miss the funerals. 

Who knows, maybe JazziQ did go to their graves to pay his respects and did not take pictures for the gram - you know, the Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe style. 

Anyway, in the press release, JazziQ's lawyers Tailor Made Lawyers say the allegations are false and are damaging to JazziQ. Not only professionally but mentally as well. Seeing how close he was with he late stars, and considered them brothers. 

They said the video "maliciously defames Tumelo Manyoni (his real name)." They continue their statement by saying, "While we do not know where the heinous allegations levelled against Mr. Manyoni emenate from, we do know the following: 

  1. The allegations are void of any truth and are harmful
  2. The facts around Mr. Manyoni's conduct and whereabouts, as explained by Reatlegile Gopane are worrisomely inaccurate, and;
  3. The allegations have had a severe impact on Mr. Manyoni both emotionally and psychologically."

They claim to have reached out to the ESAM crew to take down the recording but they have not done so it is now gear 6!

They demanded they "publicly withdraw their comments and apologise, as well as remove the video from it's entirety from the channel. That includes on ALL social media platforms.

After they refused to do such, JazziQ is not using all the legal resources provided to him. "The matter will not be pursued civilly and criminally."

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