Nadia's Subtle Clapback At Cassper

Nadia is unbothered

By  | Sep 30, 2022, 05:57 PM  | Nadia Nakai  | Drama

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Nadia Nakai gave a very subtle clapback at Cassper who has been talking about her for the past few days. Cassper recently took jabs at Nadia concerning his boxing match with Priddy Ugly. 

Cassper's Celebrity boxing match between him and Priddy Ugly is set to take place tomorrow. Artists performing at the event have been announced but fans noticed that Nadia Nakai was excluded. 

Cassper clarified that it's because he and Nadia no longer work together so it's only fair that they no longer hang out as often. 

“Yeah but it’s no longer my responsibility to book Nadia or promote her. It’s not personal, it’s just business. That should make sense. That’s none of my business who she’s with in her personal life. She’s is just no longer in business with us. That’s where it ends with me. Gore o dirang le Mang ha e batle nna eo. Wang thola ? Adawise ? You coming to the fight on Saturday?” he asked. “She left the label and we no longer work together, so naturally we won’t hang as much. She’s got a new team and I’m sure she’ll be good because she always did her own thing anyway,” he wrote.
Nadia clapped back and said she is actually doing fine.

In an  interview with Slikour on his YouTube channel, she made the announcement that she would be leaving family tree, “I am no longer with The Tree. I am working on my own record label. I need to be able to stand on my own. Funny enough, I was actually scared to tell Cass. Even after I told him, I could feel that he was a bit sad, but we are good.
“He even suggested a few record label names for me to use... I will always hold Cass in the highest regard and respect because he’s been very instrumental in my career and my life. I want to be able to get to a point where even when I have kids, I can still work on an artist and actively build their brand. I am a little bit scared but also super excited.”

She went on to start her own label, "I’m so excited about the next chapter of my life! Here’s to officially starting my own record label BRAGGA RECORDS. I wouldn’t be able to do this without @casspernyovest and @familytreeworld THANK YOU for all that you invested in me over the years!"

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