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Lady Du clapsback?

By  | Feb 05, 2023, 03:16 PM  | Lady Du  | Drama

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Amapiano singer Lady Du trended this week after rap star K.O dissed her on his new song Forecast 23. This was after she said on Instagram that SETE was not as big as people make it out to be.

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K.O basically told Lady Du that she needs to grow up, “Sneak dissing is some sh*t I don't want to see a Lady Du. Grow up and leave the gossip. You posted in your stories trying to claim SETE wasn't gold but then a day a two it reached platinum. How did that make you look?”

Lady Du seemingly ignored the noise created by that dope K.O diss, and used the hype to promote her beauty business, Wawa La Beauty.

Lady Du then continued to ignore K.O's diss by advising other artists on how to reach the level of success she has reached. She owns multiple cars, holds multiple qualifications and just opened her dream business.

She said she is doing pretty good for a non-signed artist who swims with the big sharks.
She then had this to say to the other artists.

Lady Du always prides herself of being a motivational speaker and so she gave up and coming artists a few pointers when it comes to the music business and how they can  turn their monies into lucrative businesses.
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