Nandi Madida Recounts Traumatic Experience

"We can’t all be living in fear."

By  | Feb 08, 2023, 01:30 PM  | Nandi Madida  | Drama

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'Living in South Africa is a sport!' This notion has been widely spoken about on social media, every time something mind-boggling takes place in SA. From violent crimes, to even petty crimes to load shedding etc. celebrities too are not immune to the unfortunate incidences which take place here in Mzansi. For Nandi Madida, she too is living in fear after witnessing a crime which landed in bloodshed.

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While taking her son to school, Nandi drove past a crime scene which saw criminals getting shot at and taken to Tembisa hospital in Alexander. This allegedly happened as they were attempting to hijack a motor vehicle when security guards stopped them.

Nandi expressed disappointment at how the country has turned into a warzone and said people are living in fear.

“I was here with my son, on my way to drop him off at school. I had to distract him from the scene by playing videos on my phone. The state of this country is heartbreaking. Our kids live in fear. Something drastic has to change. We can’t all be living in fear”.

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Lady Du previously revealed how she got robbed while trying to assist a woman she though was in a violent GBV case. Out of pity, she tried to assist her but she in turn got robbed.

"Be careful at ATMs, I was helping a lady that was crying her eyes out, said her husband hit her she needs money for her school kids, I went to draw I don’t carry cash, next thing some guys snatched my wallet and belongings. When I looked to speak to the woman she wasn’t there."

Artist Nakhane Toure who is now based in London was robbed outside a Johannesburg gay club in May last year.

"Joburg! Saturday night was a dream. A dream! I love you so much. I don’t think you will ever understand how much I love you" wrote Nakhane before revealing that he was robbed that same night. 

"It’s taken me this long to talk to you because my friend and I got robbed outside Liquid Blue after the most amazing night" wrote Nakhane.

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