Nandi Madida Reveals Daughter Is Autistic

Star suggests it is due to her.

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Nandi Madida formerly known as Nandi Mngoma before getting married to her husband Zakhele “Zakes Bantwini” Madida back in 2016. From the outside, they have a picture-perfect marriage if you were to scroll on their Instagram pages and the words of positive affirmation that the celebrity couple has for one another.

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Moreover, if you disregard the allegations of cheating by Bantwini and the matter of their “divorce” as the couple suggested it was in order to fix their contractual and logistical matters. You would never know about the intimate details about the couple’s life as they have maintained their privacy in that regard. 

But recently, during her interview on Kaya 959 Breakfast with Dineo and Sol, Nandi revealed an unknown fact about her two children. And no, this time it was not centred around her and how toddlers are able to recognise her as Nala from Black is King. instead, it was how her two children are “differently gifted.” 

Nandi Madida reveals daughter is autistic

Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini have two children together. The first is their son, Shaka, who was born 22 November 2016. As such, the young boy’s sixth birthday is nearing. But already Shaka is already starting to exhibit aspirations to be in entertainment just like his mother. 

First it was when the beaming mother of two shared how her son is already doing interviews as he excels in the many sports that he loves. But in particular, the five-year old was being interviewed as he was part of the Motorsports National. Referring to him as her rockstar, Madida penned in part that: 

“In this world they’ll sadly be a lot of dark people but as long as he grows up and knows that they hold no power over his life and his fun I would’ve done my part as a mother, my parents taught me the same. Wherever his journey in life takes him I will ensure that at home we keep instilling confidence, peace and absolute joy.”
However, an interesting detail which she revealed about her son and in extension her daughter was that both children are on the autism spectrum. However, Shaka is on the attention deficit/ hyperactive disorder of the neurodevelopment spectrum. 

But her daughter, Nefertiti, who she gave birth to in 2019, is revealed to be on the autism spectrum. While Nandi did not go into specific details about her daughter’s spectrum she did share that: 

“Technically, (s)he’s on the spectrum, for those that don’t know. (S)he’s autistic… So brilliant minds, and those are all my genes. Those genes have greatly helped us, and in general.” 

As a result, Madida did suggest that due to her daughter’s neurodivergent diagnosis, unlike herself and her son, Nefertiti takes after Zakes Bantwini more than her. This is as like her father, the young girl is not as social and would rather high-five someone rather than engage them as Nandi and her son are prone to do. But from the images shared of the two children, you would not be able to tell as they look healthy and happy. 
Shaka and Nefertiti
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