Nonhle Issues An Apology

Bathong! Nonhle says it's not that deep

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Nonhle Jali  | Drama

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Nonhle Jali seems to be regretting her conduct after a few choice words she uttered about her husband, Andile Jali.

The social media streets were ablaze after Nonhle took to her Instagram Live to put Andile Jali's baby mama, Dipuo Maloi, on blast for being a gold digger. While the viral video was directed at Dipuo, the TL was taken aback by the humiliating word Nonhle used to describe Andile, which is a "skroplaap" - a dirty towel/rag used to mop the floor.

In her apology,  which is addressed to the father of her children, family and fans, Nonhle defends herself by saying that all was said in jest; describing it as  "harmless fun". Although she admits that the video was "in poor taste" she says that this type of banter is common in the Jali household.

"I’d like to apologise to the father of my children for the live video that has gone viral that was recorded in his presence, jokingly so. Those that were part of the live [video] can attest that I was playing and he was having a good laugh. It was just having harmless fun. I do agree that it was in poor taste and not well received by the masses.

“I apologise to those that were offended by it, it was not my intention. What was said in the video was not a true reflection of events. He also jokingly says the same and we just tease each other about it," Nonhle said.

Read the rest of the apology below:

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