Nonku Is Not Taking The Hate On RHOD Very Well

"I spent the whole weekend in bed"

By  | Apr 04, 2022, 04:59 PM  | Drama

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Nonku Williams is one housewife who gets hated on but also receives that same amount of love from viewers. On Real Housewives Of Durban, she trends weekly and it's because of something she said or her attitude towards the other housewives.

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When she started out, Nonku Williams built her 'brand' as Sfiso Ncwane's baby mama, who beefed with Ayanda Ncwane, his wife. That was in season 1, where she and her mother sort of ganged up on Ayanda.

Now, even in season 2, Ayanda Ncwane is still a hot topic when it comes to Nonku, and she is not even part of the season. This lead to many viewers thinking Nonku has ulterior motives. How can we forget the time she said Sfiso Ncwane said he made a mistake with marrying Ayanda?

Just recently, Nonku Williams spoke to Drum magazine and she said the hate she receives on the show sometimes gets a bit too much that at some point she would lock herself up in her room the entire weekend and just cry.

“I remember at some point I spent the whole weekend in bed, I didn’t want to go anywhere, I just stayed in bed because the comments on social media really devastated me at some point,” she explains.

Now, she has developed a thick skin that she does not let the comments get to her that much. Especially because the people who say these bad things do not know her that well.

“But being the resilient Nonku, I told myself to get up because these comments are coming from people who don’t know me in real life. That resilience made me develop a thick skin. At the end of the day, I can’t control what people say about me, and it’s not like I can change because I don’t know how to be anyone else,” she told the publication.

On the topic of saying Sfiso was regretful, Nonku said "I didn't wanna share this. He told me that he made a mistake by marrying Ayanda." She said, and then went on to add,  "I want you, I wanna get back together with you," Nonku said.

On Instagram live with The Wife actor Linda Majola, she said, "Sometimes I say things at the heat of the moment...I remember the scene very well, and I know that sometimes I tend to speak without processing..."

Nonku defended herself on the interview with Drum, saying she is not the same person she is when she is working. 

“Nonku in the boardroom is definitely not the same person as the Nonku you see on screen. Viewers know me as the bubbly Nonku and as someone who’s not afraid to speak her mind. But Nonku as a boss lady is highly respected because I’m very focused, driven, a perfectionist and I’m not afraid to speak up when I’m in the boardroom full of men and they do listen to me,” she tells the publication.

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