TK Leaves Uzalo Again

He answers a tweeps burning question

By  | May 04, 2021, 08:19 AM  | Ntokozo "TK" Dlamini  | Drama

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 Ntokozo Dlamini also known as TK Dlamini has answered some fans deepest questions regarding his appearance on the hit Mzansi show Uzalo. The mzansi favourite show Uzalo released a series of teasers for coming episodes, there was a glimmer of an old fan favourite, Mastermind played by TK Dlamini.
 Mastermind was a character who was a fan favourite from the very beginning. While our beloved character Mastermind was off our screens new dad TK Dlamini took the hiatus as an opportunity to spend time with and bond with his baby and his partner Jessica Nkosi, he has adjusted well to home life even spoiling his baby mama Jessica Nkosi with a  Champagne Surprise.
Jessica showed her new champagne from TK on her insta story
 Even though TK had embraced his departure from Uzalo fans were upset when the. TK’s character Mastermind, no longer gracing their television screen. This immediately sparked rumours around my mastermind abruptly leaving the show. One of the speculated reasons behind why the actor left,  rumours that he had been fired and began to float around, this was due to several sources who have claimed that the reason for Dlamini’s prompt exit from the show was due to a host of issues where it was said that he was allegedly difficult to work with and had missed an innumerable amount of shooting schedules. Wanting to avoid bad press and set the record straight, TK went onto Gagasi FM to confirm that he would be leaving the show to focus on his baby with Jessica Nkosi.
 In addition to TK going radio to clear the air, Uzalo’s PR manager Marang Setshwaelo also went on to refute any claims that TK had been suspended or fired “We’d like to make it clear that he was never dismissed or suspended, we can confirm that TK Dlamini, also known as Mastermind, will be appearing on Uzalo in the near future," said Setshwaelo.
 That was over 7 months ago, people had even pushed the idea of a Mastermind return out of their mind until, early April 2021 where Mastermind had been featured in the teasers of the upcoming episodes people were excited, to say the least, even taking to Twitter to express their excitement at the return of their beloved character.
 Mastermind made an appearance in Uzalo last week in which he came to help umaNgcobo out when she found herself in a less than desirable situation. Fans were excited to see one of their favourite characters back on the screen again. But we were disappointed to find that Mastermind's appearance was just an appearance and not a more permanent fixture as we had hoped instead Mastermind was there to only lend a helping hand MaNgcobo and then fade back into obscurity. He replied to a concerned fan's tweet about his role as Mastermind
 Though TKs role is still relatively short we do look forward to following more of TKs acting career as Mastermind or otherwise.

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