Ntsiki Mazwai vs Fikile Mbalula

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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There's no rest on Twitter is there?  As soon as you think the dust has settled another battle ensues. We've just recovered from those two rapper's feud this week after the SA Hip Hop Awards and now Ntsiki Mazwai and Minister Fikile Mbalula have begun their own Twar.



This all began after Mbalula sent a tweet to his favourite artist Beyonce, little did Mbalula know that his tweet would infuriate Ntsiki Mazwai who has written an open letter to the minister. Sheesh, it's been a minute since we've read an open letter, let's have a look-see what Mazwai said to the king of Razzmatazz. 

The intro of the letter itself just reads trouble. When we opened the link the first words that came out of our mouth was “ooh…its about to go down..”

“Mr minister….sir….as a local artist, your obsession with Beyonce is killing me.

I saw your tweet to Beyonce Mr Minister and I saw red.

Before you are Beyonce’s groupie, you are an ambassador of South Africa. You are a leader. You are a person of influence. Please could you exercise this with some responsibility?”

However,the part of the letter that had as cringing and making uncomfortable faces was when Ntsiki ridiculed the Minister’s dress code at the Channel O Music Awards. Remember his hip hop influenced outfit with the fitted cap?

“I saw you at the Channel O award dressed like a young rapper who rolls with lil weezy….I was so disappointed. Mr Minister, are you so ashamed of being African that you must put on costumes to impress us?

I just want to let you know that it is ok if you behave your age, people will still like you. You don’t have to dress like an American to fit in.”

Ntsiki continued to vent, telling Mbalula that Beyonce’ would never reply to him (true) but then Ntsiki took things even further by breaking down how much his attention towards investing and developing SA artists would benefit them. Wait, but Fikile isn’t the Minister of Arts & Culture….but we guess that’s not her point.

“Beyonce will not respond to your tweet Mr Minister, in fact there is probably a team of various people running that account (if you know how these things work.)

Also Mr Minister….just because Beyonce has white capital backing her does not make her more talented than any of our own.

You see, when you pay me 20 000 for a gig, you are only cover 2 months rent nyana…..when you pay Beyonce that million, you ensure that she has money to create a better ‘looking’ show.

More lights, more makeup, more drama, more dancers, more grooming. All of that costs money. You have not invested enough in us for us to be able to pull off all the stops.”  Ntsiki lambasted.

As expected the Minister did not take things lying down and has currently hurled insults towards Ntsiki too. 

The most scorchig of tweets was when he referred back to the dress code attack:

Eish... then Minister Fikile Mbalula metaphorically slayed Ntsiki with the dog reference.

Mbalula even reprimanded Mazwai of her R20 000 statement, claiming that no artist is paid that much these days. Well...actually Mr Mbalula she's right, we know a few artists who charge for that amount.

Then the minister had us rolling on the floor with this tweet. How  on earth did Tribe One Festival get pulled into this one? 2014 you were entertaining!

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